Monster wildfire in California rages on after killing two firefighters


Sunny for tomorrow nice afternoon? Start the weekend. Up to seventy nine partly to mostly cloudy tomorrow. Night low sixty one and Sunday and Monday. Animals clouds and sunshine I someday eighty two Mondays high eighty. One and periods of rain on Tuesday is seventy eight this is Accu weather meteorologist John Feerick w w j NewsRadio nine fifty and Arbor right now cloudy an seventy five degrees seventy four over in Grand Rapids sunshine seventy, eight at city airport and seventy nine at metro traffic and weather together for you every ten minutes on the eighth around the clock news on NewsRadio nine. Fifty Good afternoon I'm Greg Bowman. Here's what's happening at three fifty breaking news coming. Out of Lansing the Michigan supreme court says, schools hand, van visitors from carrying guns we'll have the latest on that story coming up as we get more details in a Dearborn man accused, of, being an ISIS. Fighter will remain in jail while, his case proceeds in federal court a not guilty, plea entered for Abraham was Sabally during a brief hearing this. Afternoon in downtown Detroit the charges carry a penalty of up to twenty years behind bars to firefighters are killed dozens of homes destroyed as a. Wildfire rages their northern California thousands of residents fled the area causing miles long traffic jams on. The way out so far. Sixty five buildings have been burned this fire has been incredibly active it's primarily due to a couple of different factors the weather, has been extremely hot and dry very persistent very steady and strong wind out of the west that has been pushing the fire from the French Gulch area towards the western Area of the city of reading that's Cal fire division. Chief Chris Anthony CBS news, we'll, have more coming up before o'clock. Man accused of stealing a tractor before leading Denver police on a slow speed chase to the city, also charged with biting and choking a police dog and. Stealing two other cars Twenty-three charges filed, against Thirty-seven-year-old Thomas Bush connected to the July twentieth incident including ten felony level charges authorities say Bush. Stole a car then a tow truck before taking the tractor from a city water department. Facility a police squad car eventually ran the, tractors front end, in downtown Denver stopping it w w j news time is three fifty two lower numbers on the markets before the closing bell. Bloomberg business report straight ahead danika. Patrick watching my nieces grow play and learn is. Amazing but not every child gets to be. Carefree one, in six kids in the US are hungry this breaks my heart and it's something that Feeding America is working to change each Each year the feeding American network of foodbanks rescues billions of pounds. Of good food that would.

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