Disneyland Resort proposes to raise minimum wage for California park workers


Be burning off as we head into the. Latter part of the morning. For LA Orange County metro mostly sunny skies by the afternoon with a high of eighty seven, degrees and then. For the valley's one oh two temperatures will slowly. Start. To cool jazz by a degree in and it could get a little bit hotter as we head into, the beginning. Of next week southern California's most accurate. Dependable forecast I'm CBS to, meteorologist amber Lee for KNX ten, seventy NewsRadio downtown LA has seventy-two stood against city has sixty nine and out in riverside, this morning. It is sixty eight degrees five seventeen on KNX governor Brown wants to overhaul California's, aging nine. One one system and he wants to raise Taxes on your phones to make. It happen the governor's asking the, legislature to. Impose a flat fee on cell phones landlines and other devices capable of nine one one it would add at least thirty four cents per line to your. Monthly Bill exchange Brown would eliminate an existing tax on in calls and other issue involving the governor. Prosecutors trying to get them to scale back a new mental health law you signed last month vastly expands the number of criminal suspects that can be diverted to mental, health treatment programs and have their sentences dismissed the expansion to spent to. Send suspects to bit before they. Reached the criminal process deemed competent to stand trial aunts into middle hospitals but San Diego County DA summer Stephens said that there's hardly a serious or violent felony offense where. Criminal defense attorney wouldn't make. The case that their client should undergo a mental health evaluation Mark. Austin Thomas Canucks ten seventy NewsRadio the lawyers for homeless people who've been removed from areas along these Santa Ana. River trailer asking a judge to suspend local anti. Camping and anti loitering laws while Orange County it's many cities Work on plans for more urgency shelters and the OC register says the attorneys also. Watergate class action status for a lawsuit they filed so it could include, up to fifteen hundred, displays homeless people socal gas. Company engineers begun the testimony and a class action lawsuit stemming from the Aliso. Canyon gas leak the engineer deposed for eight hours on Thursday after a long dispute between the attorneys and because of the gag order imposed by the judge there's. No word on what was said the plaintiffs attorney says he does expect the deposition to take at least another day or two almost ten thousand unionized workers at the Disneyland resort have voted to approve a three year labor, contract it follows weeks of protests by employees who, said they were earning poverty level wages among other things that he'll brings workers up to a minimum salary of fifteen dollars an hour by January Disney says the sets a new bar with. Minimum wages, that are, among the highest in the country the mother of a young man who was found dead in obey drug, overdose in the West Hollywood home of democratic political donor at buck. Is set to, hold a news Conference a little. Later today this comes after prosecutors decided to not file criminal charges in the case. Jamal Moore. Died of a crystal meth overdose last year authorities say there's. Not enough evidence to prove that buck was responsible so the death was ruled accidental a man suspected of. Killing a nurse and raping another woman in New York earlier this month has been arrested in the San Fernando Valley he was taken into, custody at a north Hollywood hotel at. As being held without bail New York police say the man apparently met his victims online so, this individual is known to us and it is believed by us this individual users dating websites to. Meet women and that victimize these women authorities say there could be other possible victims police in Redondo beach shot and killed a man who was armed with a pellet gun there were called the gates avenue after reports man was chasing somebody maybe some shots no word on why the officers. Opened fire but investigators say they did recover a realistic looking pellet gun at the same none of the officers was injured it's five twenty here's a look at Germany and Here's deep well after the Facebook. Share price collapse, yesterday Twitter getting slammed at pre market trades after it revealed the number of monthly users dropped by one million in the. Latest quarter and it's not likely. To improve as the social media network predicts the number will decline further as. It fights against spam fake accounts and militias rhetoric now watch. Amazon shares today the company reported a second quarter profit of two and a half billion dollars that's a, record, sales missed the estimates but analysts note. The overall report is positive and growth, of the Amazon web services cloud, computing division and advertising sales both did well Papa John's shares may get attention now that it's founder and ousted CEO John Schneider is snowing the company to gain access to internal documents surrounding his firing for. Using a racial slur during a conference call, on media training s and p futures, are down but only by a half point. While NASDAQ is ahead seven Dow futures gained eight and we check your money. At twenty and fifty after each. Hour I'm Bloomberg. Steve Potisk for KNX ten seventy NewsRadio like crispy cream you'll definitely want hear a story. In less than two minutes it's.

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