‘The Crown’: Josh O’Connor to Play Prince Charles, Marion Bailey the Queen Mother


Together Do I think that this is a little self, autobiography or whatever you say it A. Blast autobiographical figure was on like he's got a pretty voice you have another sign Johnny Fan of his songs this hysterically Sorry it's not must studio fifty four Donahue laughing, hysterically because Good hit, by a truck Sad song really What's it called cancer Sonko. My own reasons But he has. A he has what I can tell us it's got a good. Voice and it'd be good with the guitar run a campfire now never Can bring a guitar around. A campfire Julia yes I ask you would you put mount eerie. On a mix tape now There's nothing there for me Crossing. I liked depressing music though I. Mean don't get, me wrong I love south but I. Need fullness in the. Music I you need strings when you. Wanna get sad I need David racist. And we're playing, one that I love by Kelly Clarkson. And, you know that. Sober song by Demi Levato, is beautiful Yes beautiful it is so anyway that's cheers human shell Williams mazal Chiasso and how old, did I, she she was forty two and she's getting married for the first time in thirty seven thirty seven thirty seven forty Okay so we found out today. Why you know we were wondering why the crown didn't keep clarify and. The some of the other cast on because they're doing you know different decades right and we looked at the, new, woman who her name is Olivia, Colman who's gonna play clean? Queen, Elizabeth. And the crown next, year and. That she looks like she's young and she starts when she's? Just twenty nine years old and Laurie's like well why don't we just keep clarify why are we going on Jumping three years but. What. They're doing in this next. Series? Is there's a six season plan for the series and the idea of Ted Sardonia from net flicks he said over six, decades in, six seasons, presumably? The whole show will run eight to over eight to ten. Years yeah and so the Queen Elizabeth is going to age from twenty. Nine to current day in this one so today we found out who they cast as the queen's son Prince, Charles, and it's this gentleman named something, Bailey no at stachel Connor And he posted all. This so you can see a side by side picture of him, next, to, Prince Charles and he says it's the. Ears, his ears. Out One He, said these are going to foul the next. Seasons three and four will follow some of the most turbulent turbulent events and the prince of Wales life and our national, story and he's excited to be bringing to life the man in the middle of. It. All I'm very aware that it's a formerly talented. Family I'll be joining but reliably. Informed I have the ears for the parts and will fit right. In, yes So you have to look at these. Sites I. Think they do a good job at casting the other woman that they cast is Marianne Baillie and, she's playing the queen's. Mother. And they really I think. It's excellent yeah so I think it's fun they. Still have yet to cast because Princess Diana Maybe And season, four End of, this third, season. They say no, so. They, need okay Yep they're aging this. One. Big time Danny. The next one we're going to get a, young, angsty, teenage Prince. Charles and stuff we call my goodness I saw that it makes sense that they, didn't stick, with, clarify for season, three. Because, these actors are probably going to. Aid. Over the course. Of twenty years especially when you're changes so, much, in, that time. They love the show Still haven't finished Got plenty of time before Is. Just not on my game it's hard because I. Found a, time, just watch one at a time just say. Jill you have plenty. Of time before season three. The crown comes out you've got a full year I do know ABC already, did at twenty twenty on the. Thailand cave rescue and they're gonna. Do another one and I thought this is interesting it's. Going to air this Friday night on ABC obviously but it's going. To be focusing on a report for Matt Gutman the news unit, chief national correspondent who was over there during it but he's going to interview two of the British divers who were part of the team. That helped bring the boys. To safety and one divers name is Jason Melanson he tells the reporter that one of the boys began to wake up while a neck..

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