Arlington Heights funeral home teaches opioid-overdose reversal to combat 'heartbreaking' epidemic


It may, be in the business of death but one suburban funeral home this week is hosting, a program to keep people alive liquid funeral home in, Arlington heights sees, about one overdose death, a month. But one particular Jeff got them thinking about what more they. Could do to keep people, alive a couple of years back we did have a family that lost their son to an opioid overdose and they wanted, to even during the visitation time make others. Aware of what was going on, Jackie glittered says They want to continue that education and prevention. Swallow this week they're offering. Training on how to administer naloxone. The opioid reversal medication glittered is partnering with live for Lally to teach people how to administer the drug statewide they hope to train twenty one hundred fifty five people twenty one hundred fifty five people the department of public health predicts will die from. An accidental overdose just this year.

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