Freight train derailment suspends inbound and outbound light rail service in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Newsroom on news talk, thirteen eighty NBC News, Radio I'm AP herald the sunshine state's junior Senator, hedges, his, bets, on the Russia probe on Fox News Sunday Florida Republican Marco Rubio says he. Doesn't expect Robert Muller to drop any Oval, Office bombshells if there was evidence strong evidence of collusion, I guarantee you it would have been leaked by now, but let's wait for the process to play. Itself out but he doesn't want Donald Trump to fire anybody I believe is in the best interest of the president of the United States of America and the American people for that investigation to. Run the course for all the truth, to come out meanwhile on CBS his face the nation former education secretary Arne Duncan. Says the Trump. Administration gets an f regarding school. Improvement the policies adrift there's nothing out there of substance we should have some concrete goals as the nation and, via shot. At the personal wealth of current education secretary Betsy DeVos he elaborates Here's a, crazy. Metaphor that about. A week ago her yacht was, found adrift forty million dollar yacht just out there, and, for, me, that's sort of represents where they are in terms of education policy there isn't. One at least thirty seven people are dead, after a massive magnitude seven point zero earthquake struck the, Indonesian island of Lombok near Bali officials have since lifted, eight soon NAMI warning pro football hall of. Famer Robert Brazil shares of memory of his late college teammate and fellow canton inductee a man known as sweetness Walter Payton with bringing scouts all over this turned out to be great for Walter. Because we was making history two first, round draft pick from a historical black college university a freight train has derailed in. Pittsburgh the port. Authority of Allegheny county said the. Derailment happened this afternoon in the city's south shore neighborhood no word yet on possible injuries the Taliban claimed responsibility, for Sunday's. Suicide bombing That killed three NATO soldiers in the eastern part of Afghanistan you're listening..

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