Police find Chinese girl who disappeared from Washington airport


National pork producers council thanks for your time thank you, missing twelve Year old Chinese girl. Jinjing Ingmar has been found safe, following an amber alert police say she was abducted Thursday at Reagan national airport just outside Washington her? Suspected, abductor is described as. A forty, year old Asian woman more. From correspondent Jan Crawford. At the, airport surely before Ma, disappeared police say another surveillance photos shows, Jinjing abductor arriving at the airport with. A male, suspect huckler says. Jinjing may have gone with her abductor willingly child appears to have left without any force she entered the, vehicle without, any force but that does. Not release any of our, concerns now witness that he may. Have seen her doctor meet up, with her in New York and actually hand her some food the Virginia state police the FBI, the center, of the National Center for missing and exploited children are investigating and they're also looking to contact her, guardians. And China CBS news correspondent Jan Crawford reporting from. Reagan national airport in. Alexandria Virginia, the east Post continues to. Deal with flooding, in Lynchburg Virginia and overflowing dam prompted the evacuation of more than one. Hundred twenty homes Ashley an. Is a reporter with WD BJ TV the water just rushing underneath that bridge, next to the. Earth and damn there where most of the damage actually is the sidewalk that actually washed out from underneath and. Some damage that was. Done to the the dam area at this time to the west coast now we're California. Firefighters continue, to battle wildfires throughout the state state fire spokesman says California has already spent a quarter. Of its annual budget to fight fires, in it's only a month into the budget year are Steve Futterman visited crews trying to gain control of one of the state's largest places in reading fire crews here continued, to slowly get control, of the, car fire the largest and most destructive of the California wildfires but there, are more than a dozen other major fires throughout the. State and new fires starting each day Ross follower is a battalion, chief, with Cal Fire our goal is to get those new fires the heaviest and the fastest so that none. Of those new fires become heavy or become Lord fire crews here badly in the car fire believed the worst may be over but for some it's too late nearly a thousand homes have been destroyed here we were on this cul de sac this neighborhood and then we go away and two hours later it's. Gone, and many other homes remain endanger Steve Futterman CBS news Redding California meanwhile Europe is breaking weather records Portugal has recorded its highest temperature of about a hundred. And thirteen degrees amid a European heatwave and temperatures are expected to climb throughout the weekend correspondent Seth tone is in Rome with more the culprit hot air blowing from Africa it's leaving Europeans and summer visitors melting in triple degree temperatures you're from Nashville yeah so. You're used to the heat yes this is a different kind of heat Jessica pip it. Likened it to. A never ending sauna at Rome Spanish steps It is hot, here it's. Like walking into a hairdryer with the heat is blowing, at you Iberian peninsula, is, getting some of the. Worst of this heat Portugal issued a nationwide health warning in Sweden mountaintop glacier melted so much it's no longer that country's highest, peak and satellite imagery from northern Europe. Shows the transition from lush green in late June two burned-out Brown in less than a month. Farmers in Germany are demanding more than a billion dollars in aid to deal, with the drought and so many beers had been sold their it straining supplies at German breweries how will. Family from Texas told us, they were trying to drink as much as possible noted Dallas to we'd rather be in Italy drinking the, water here than Texas hundreds, of fountains offer a little. Relief here in Rome and in Finland a supermarket chain. Is said it will. Stay open tonight so customers can use it's AC Sefton CBS news wrong Up next a new development in the investigation into a murder of a Houston heart doctor, on the CBS news weekend roundup when. Working at a growing business you wear many hats the new business hat the buying toner for. The copy machine has the sifting through tonnes of.

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