Explosions at Venezuelan president's speech were attempted attack, government says

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jim hawk the government in Venezuela says that President, Nicolas Maduro has survived. An assassination attempt carried out by drones, armed with explosives reporter. John Otis has more my doodle was addressing national guard troops at an outdoor event in Caracas when the attack occurred. In short video of Madonna's speech in explosion can be heard. Then hundreds of troops can be seen running for cover a government spokesman called it. An assassination attempt carried out by armed drones and that seven soldiers were injured my doodo who was unharmed blamed the attack on far-right factions in Venezuela as well as on the us and Colombian governments. But amid hyper inflation and food shortages, whether to socialist government is deeply unpopular and his put down several recent co attempts by the Venezuelan military for NPR news. I'm John Otis, Europe continues to experience scorching temperatures in decades. Old records are falling from Brussels. Teri Schultz reports the heat wave is threatening life and land, Europe's record high temperature of one hundred eighteen point. Four degrees Fahrenheit was reached in Greece in nineteen seventy seven so far this summer Portugal has seen one hundred and fifteen degrees and may not have peak. Thiet tourists are being warned to stay out of the sun and emergency services are on alert. Dutch authorities have had to close some parts of highways where the asphalt has melted Sweden has experienced a record. Hot July is highest mountain which is topped by glacier dropped thirteen feet last month, and may soon become just the second tallest peak in Finland, where August temperatures average in the mid sixties. People are sweltering in eighty six degrees, most homes don't have air-conditioning. So a grocery store there has made room for one hundred customers to stay the night for NPR news. I'm Teri Schultz in Brussels, tens of thousands of Israelis rallied until Aviv to protest. The new Israeli law they say, discriminates against religious minorities. The protest was led by the Druze Arab minority is NPR's. Daniel estrin reports. Protesters from the Druze community chanted equality, equality in Tel Aviv's main square. There were just a few tens of thousands of jerus- era of citizens in Israel. They profess loyalty to Israel and are drafted to the army. The community's spiritual leader said at the rally, we see ourselves as part of the country. Our country doesn't see us as equals Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is defending the new law that prioritises investments in Jewish communities and towns. He says, minority rights are honored. He's offered new laws to give benefits to drew citizens. But Drew's representatives say they want the controversial law changed to enshrine equality for the country's minorities, including Muslims and Christians, which are about a fifth of Israel's population. Daniel estrin NPR news Tel Aviv. This is NPR. Chinese authorities are demolishing the studio of China's most famous dissident artists. I way way as NPR Shannon von San reports. The Beijing studio has been his primary workspace in China, Chinese authorities, often target artists neighborhoods in Beijing for demolition because they are hubs for political dissent. And because the land is valuable. I has criticized the Chinese government on a range of issues from human rights to corruption and twenty eleven. He was detained for tax evasion charges. He says, were politically motivated after that the Chinese government took away his passport, preventing him from travel outside the country. When thirties returns his passport in two thousand fifteen, I moved to Germany. And since then he has shifted the focus of his art to refugees, Shannon, Vincent NPR news, Asia's top diplomats, press North Korea on Saturday to follow through on a pledge to completely dismantle its nuclear arsenal. Amid concerns that it's proceeding with missile building and. Other programs, but North Korea's, foreign minister told the Asian security forum in Singapore that the US isn't helping by maintaining sanctions against the north. First lady Melania Trump stepped away from her husband's criticism of NBA star, LeBron James to compliment as work on behalf of children and even offered to visit his school for at risk children. MRs Trump spokeswoman said in a statement, Saturday, that quote, LeBron James is working to do good things on behalf of our next generation statements tone was in stark contrast to a tweet by President Trump sent late Friday night. I'm Jim hawk NPR news in Washington support for this NPR podcast, and the following message come from Comcast business from their fast, reliable internet

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