Patriots To Adjust Tom Brady's Contract; Add $5M In Incentives


Years and speaking of Jimmy Garoppolo who is now the second highest paid quarterback in football behind Kirk, cousins Tom Brady's got a new. Contract some additions on. There it's a five million dollars in incentives to go on with that fourteen million dollar based. Salary why the hell do you have to give Tom Brady incentives as this is stuff that drives me nuts about football. Visible that's. Awesome with the, cap you can Manipulated by doing by, putting. An incentives like this is ridiculous I'm, sorry I mean you've, got to figure out a way to not do this this, guy has been here almost twenty years I think. You kind of know what he's done and what he's going to continue to, do what I know but died yesterday floated the story that in practice it was shaking his arm that maybe he's not quite right hasn't looked great in training camp and maybe. By not, appearing at the voluntary OTA's it's catching up to him and practice has been kind of disjointed right two days off a day on Brady gets his birthday off so they're not up. To the, speed that they normally are but. This guy you have to give him. Incentives you're looking at like it's a slap in the face to Brady were really it's a way to manipulate the cap is not a slap, in the face of this is. A way to manipulate. The castle is so is the incentives you don't have to I I this is why I. Also think that you should almost take the quarterback salaries out of the salary cap because they're going to make so much. Money and. You have to, pay quarterbacks Get the best quarterback the Brady white sign it because I'm sure it's fine I'm just looking at it to someone that admires the guy when I. See incentives, for player like that I'm like that's what's wrong with football okay but it's a way to manipulate that's all it is yes I've heard that a couple times already you're trying to Federal case again into making a federal case because here's a guy again I remember, remember when Joe. Torre left the New York Yankees they said okay we're going to we're going to give you. A contract but we're. Going to, have some incentives in there you'll make a half a million dollars. If you win the American League east you'll, make. Another half a million if you. Win the American League and he's. Pretty, much said, damn, all, set, I've, earned, my right that. I don't need to have incentives incentives for people that aren't motivated this guy is, motivated God forbid the, patriots do something that's smart for the rest of the. Team they after just all bowed out Tom Brady whatever Tom Brady them for seventeen years Basim bow down. To them, recently well it's no no. No. No no no that's not true. You know this job. Because, of their west Welker contract and he's. Taken pay cuts Yeah so they should do, its best to the teams Except for Tom Brady and not give him things that help the cap and just give him the guaranteed money and then tied. To the cat because they realize what they should. Do they. Didn't keep his one of his favorite receivers Danny amendola he's. Bringing in, wide receivers that looked like they were. Retired I mean Eric decker looked like, he? Was retired he was hanging out with his wife right and now he's coming back and they're going to try. To see if he can make something out of himself teams that screw, themselves over are the teams that do whatever the hell the players all the, time and give them all the money that. They. Want and that don't care about is not true The Vikings done that and giving Kirk. Cousins biking's aren't aren't gonna win a championship

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