Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's Divorce Case May Be Dismissed


Jennifer garner in Ben Affleck's, divorce proceedings, might be thrown out if they don't act fast so Apparently if you fail to take the appropriate steps. In your case the court may dismiss your case. For delaying, prosecution is what a document says that's what, the blast has on their divorce situation you know they were married for nearly ten, years before separating in two thousand fifteen and Ben. Affleck has moved on with a, Saturday Night? Live producer and they, do have an amicable relationship. You don't hear anything. About them do you Jennifer. Garner, has said we're definitely. A modern family we're, doing really well it has to be children I you have no choice, it has to be but if they don't actually take another. Step, forward in the actual divorce, then it's going to be thrown. Out and they die file again I feel like I've been I won't speak for you Elizabeth but I think I know that there was, a long time that we were holding. Out hope, that the fact, that, this divorce wasn't progressing I'm, still holding out help me too I think because I'm like. Okay Going to happen, yours know I mean he's. Dating someone else I think she's she's done with having, him as one of the children I think that. I think probably more maintenance than, the children? And let me just, let me just say to. All the men out. There all four of you. Who, are listening to mytalk. One zero seven one, right now and I'm speaking particularly I think to heterosexual men simply because, that's the ones that I'm married to if you become one. Of, the children if you become, more work than one of the. Children it is the least attractive thing that you do it for your wife the kiss of death it's usually if it's like if she's, thinking like things would be easier without. You that is a bad, sign And that is why bet, it was like with Ben Affleck now and you're adding in addiction issue, which makes it very. Challenging and that does I mean when you add an addiction it does make that, person much

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