Saudi airstrike reportedly hits bus full of children on field trip


Israel in her Maas have fought three wars since the group took control of Gaza in two thousand. Seven in this week's fighting the Palestinian health ministry said three Palestinians including a pregnant woman. And her, one year old daughter and moss militant were killed in, separate air strikes Israeli officials said seven people were wounded by rocket or. Mortar fire on the, Israeli side at times today's fighting, resemble the, two thousand fourteen war in Israel air raid sirens warning of incoming, rocket, fire wailed in southern Israel overnight and, throughout the day sending families. Scrambling into bomb shelters canceling outdoors summer cultural events, and forcing summer, camps indoors the Israeli air force meanwhile pounded targets across Gaza reaching a long Longer term truce will. Be difficult HAMAs demanding, the lifting of an Israeli Egyptian, border blockade, that has devastated, Gaza's economy Israel is believed to be offering and. Easing, but not an end to the blockade A Saudi, airstrike hit, a crowded market in.

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