Apple hits $1 trillion mark


Pricey apple I'm Mike moss. The strongest message, ever from. The Trump White House on Russian election interference security intelligence chief today announced a coordinated campaign to. Try to stop it national security? Adviser John Bolton I think the president has made it abundantly clear to, everybody who has responsibility in this area did he cares deeply. About it and, that he expects them to do their jobs. To their fullest ability and that he supports them fully the. Director of national intelligence Dan Coats says Russia is trying to. Divide and weaken America they stepped. Up their game big time in two thousand sixteen we have not seen that kind of robust effort from them So far As I mentioned publicly sometimes just a few, weeks ago we're only one keyboard click away from finding out something that we haven't seen up to this particular point history on. Wall Street Steve. Kastenbaum reports apple has become the first company to be worth one. Trillion dollars when the trading. Day, began apple stock price continued its, upward trend a strong third quarter earnings report fueled this. Week's rise when it broke the two hundred seven dollars. Per share Mark apple became the first company ever to hit a market cap value of one. Trillion dollars the company is nearly four billion eight hundred and thirty million shares. Out there the EPA says it wants to rollback fuel, efficiency standards but several states vow to. Stop it the acting, EPA administrator. Andrew wheel it says our proposal aims to strike the right regulatory balance based on the most recent information and create a fifty. State solution we've also heard from, California's governor. Jerry Brown these are. His words, he said California will fight this stupidity in every conceivable Correspondent Nick walk in all clear signal from officials at Wright Patterson air force base in Dayton Ohio were earlier in. Active shooter ribbon reported the Dow, up three. S and p is. Up twelve, points NASDAQ up eighty seven I'm Mike moss Okay eppo traffic is sponsored by the ticket Clinton and update on an earlier crash Martinez four eastbound. Near six eighty those vehicles have been moved to the shoulder a crash being. Cleared Pittsburgh four westbound near Bailey road everything is out of the way there and traffic. Is starting to return to normal southbound eight eighty just north of Thornton there's a cabinet blocking. Lane to southbound one zero one just. North of Hellier there's tire tread, in lanes one and two westbound five eighty just south of Edwards avenue a. Great Nissan rogue is, on the right hand shoulder that hit a shovel in lane four it's busted the windshield construction in Pleasanton, six, eighty southbound after Sunol. Boulevard that's blocking lane three a disabled. Vehicle eastbound five eighty just west of grand there's a stole funeral bam with the casket embody inside in the gore. Point westbound five eighty just east..

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