More Taxpayers Will Owe The IRS In April Because Of Underwithholding, Report Says


And now a page from the diary of Flo dear diary I. Got the brush off again, I don't get it is there something. Wrong with the way I wave elbow wrist elbow. Wrist why won't that little Basset hound acknowledge, me, I'm friendly I, give everyone peace of mind when, I protect their. Homes through progressive, you should be jumping for joy when I walk by save. An average of seventeen percents on car insurance when you bundle home and auto through progressive me no it's him progressive. Casualty, insurance company and affiliates, discounts, not, available in all states. Or situations and muggy day here in southern California thinks that this high pressure systems still sitting over Las Vegas spinning in. That monsoonal moisture and that means it could trigger more of those, isolated thunderstorms and showers. Especially for the mountains and. Desert communities highs once. Again well above average eight for downtown LA and Orange County eighty for, the coast and triple digits as we head into the valley's southern California's most accurate dependable forecast I'm meteorologist amber. Relief or, KNX ten seventy, NewsRadio temperatures right now high desert Lancaster. Checks in at ninety four Pasadena eighty three degrees we've got eighty two. Along the coast in Long Beach at. Ten seventeen an arrow Mexico jetliner crashing in Mexico miraculously everyone on board survived it happened just after takeoff landing on its belly in a nearby field. It's engines were ripped off and survivors say that the plane burst, into, flames, right, after, it hit the. Ground CBS. News transportation correspondent. Kris van cleave has details about the plane the. President of aero max Says the plane was ten years old quote perfectly maintained and have been. Serviced in February the Mexican civil aviation. Authority says it could take, months to determine what exactly caused this crash about eighty people suffered injuries in the crash including the pilot who was severely injured congressional. Auditors say about one in five American taxpayers will have to come, up with a little. More money to pay their. Twenty eighteen taxes next. Year because their employers will withhold too much from their paychecks new tax, withholding tables for employers were put together by the government earlier this year about thirty million workers receive pay that. Was under, withheld making their, paychecks bigger this year but bringing a. Large Bill tax time spring Eighteen the age of the downloadable gun will not be starting today the assertion that it would formally begin today came from an organization that's and fighting to post three d. printed gun blueprints online but a federal judge has temporarily banned their release a move applauded by LA city attorney Mike fewer who says in a statement to prevent devastating public safety consequences blueprints for these, deadly undetectable weapons should never be available online Santo. Team rather crazy few weeks Jonathan Lowy is with Brady center to. Prevent gun violence out if he thinks ghost gone opponents win the legal battle to try to keep these blueprints. Off the internet he says this. With our all and, I'm hopeful, ever really hate make a prediction supporters of access to the, blueprints argue it's, a free speech issue another hearing in. The case has been set for next month Claudia pests cusak, KNX ten seventy NewsRadio thousand nine on KNX? Celebrations of pregnancy discrimination may lead to a class action lawsuit against the nation's largest private. Sector employer WalMart to former associates claim they were fired for missing work pregnancy related medical issues CBS news legal analyst Rikki Cleveland. Says it's hard to prove pregnancy discrimination having doctors, letter or if you go into the. Hospital obviously you can show that you have a real, issue here but, what happens if you just get nauseous what happens if you And what happens if you. Can't lift so it's difficult to prove because employers can use a pretext WalMart says they do, not tolerate discrimination in strive to create a supportive work environment for all. Associates including those who are pregnant, using temperatures around the world causing caused by climate change could lead to more people. Dying, heatwaves that's the findings of. New warning it says communities along the equator are likely to. Be most. Affected by these researchers predict heatwave deaths in three Australian cities could. Rise nearly five hundred percent from twenty thirty one through the year twenty eighty compared to hundred seventy one through. Twenty ten ten twenty on KNX. Get a check of, your money, here's Frank Motech good morning we'll all of a sudden casinos, SOX have taken, the spotlight and they're moving mostly lower. Looks like guidance cut in a cautious tone from Caesars entertainment, sending the casino sector lower Caesar stocks plunged? About twenty percent fact Trading was halted a number, of times as the company has updated its bookings for. July and August apparently disappointing readings MGM resorts also. Moving lower now and some of the other big names in. The casino world of Boyd gaming down about six percent on the flip side apple knocking it out, of the park today with Apple's iphones powering earnings news and apple sock moving above two hundred dollars share just above two. Hundred and change right now of. About ten dollars hitting record highs and its earnings report showing strong demand for phones have because of higher prices of the iphone including the iphone ten which starts at nine hundred ninety nine dollars. Receiving apple results coming in big right now the Dow, is down sixty points NASDAQ positive by twenty two the. S. and p.. Five hundred. Down four this as we await the news from Federal Reserve getting sent to wrap up. Its latest meeting today and in about forty minutes from now we'll get the statement on the economy and interest rates it's widely Expected the fed will hold. The line on short term rates. And way to. Hike rates again in September and December we take your money at twenty and fifty. Each hour the. Next update at ten fifty I'm flanked tack from the capital money desk accident seventy NewsRadio y'all have them in our fridges package salads. And wraps a warning, some could be contaminated with parasites we'll tell you more about that what you should look for. In just about a minute it's ten twenty to.

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