Wells Fargo agrees to pay $2 billion fine for subprime mortgages


Eye on, the situation on the Westchester expressway the cross Westchester eastbound still dealing. With an accident that's been out there a little while getting. A recent update on that it's still blocking one lane. Into Roger twelve and rye so some, slowdowns with that now the, New York state Thruway fourteen we've got at least one. Lane of construction as they continue overnight work and then in Connecticut on the Connecticut turnpike exit five, in Greenwich and northbound at exit seven Stanford at, least one lane construction, with each of those projects on Long Island on the, ally This is on the eastbound side few baggage hill road into your Park Avenue couple lanes Dow the project l. I in queens construction closure in diversion to the service road your eastbound side, little, neck, Parkway to Willis avenue the main roadway is shut doubt the Harlem river, drive northbound one five five indictment all lanes closed and detoured crossed the Hudson at the Holland will main blocked each way league title with the tube closure. So shutdown of the center tube and, the, George Washington Bridge, two lanes blocked upstairs in each direction and New Jersey the covered roadway closure both ways to jersey avenue and tunnel avenue a detour setup for that and the turnpike eastern, Spurs up on the western spur merge the southern. Mixing bowl traffic closed and diverted to the western spur instead now we're. Next traffic update in less than ten minutes on WCBS. Smitty around latest Matt Randy. Partly, to mostly cloudy early this morning. And humid with a spotty shower low seventy to seventy five and later, today very warm and, humid with times of clouds and sun while a couple of showers and a thunderstorm high eighty-seven another shower thunderstorm around early Thursday night otherwise warm and sticky low seventy Five warm and humid on Friday with times of clouds and, sun a shower is under storm in spots especially in the afternoon and evening high eighty five humid on Saturday with clouds Zonta shower thunderstorm in the area. High eighty four right now we have, seventy, seven degrees at, Kennedy airport Seventy two in Somerville it's eighty degrees in central park to forty on WCBS Wells Fargo is among the last big banks to settle charges related to the subprime mortgage, crisis it's agreed to pay a fine of just over. Two billion dollars to settle allegations it misrepresented the types of mortgages it sold to investors during the housing bubble and the financial crisis that followed all's Fargo's fine a smaller than, those paid by Bank of America j. p. Morgan Chase Goldman Sachs. And other big banks to settle similar, allegations the fine is unrelated to. The more recent scandals for Wells Fargo such is the opening of millions of fake accounts customers. Without their authorization in order to meet unrealistic sales quotas Scientists say they may have solved the mystery into how. Blue diamonds formed more than a. Billion years ago plu diamonds like the Smithsonian's famous hope diamond are the rarest of all diamonds newly published research concludes they formed deep inside the earth deeper than other, diamond extraordinary taps in making that determination scientists examined the. Composition of tiny slivers of rock and case to the diamonds they're striking blue collar is derived from traces of the.

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