When you ride the subway you share bacteria with everyone in your city


And local is hearing from, Levonia residents Who remain unplugged this morning good morning Charlie That's right as I, don't know what's going on here in. Lavonia but thousands of residents still without power they, wanna get their coffee there a little. Upset but the city is actually out there I've seen a. Number of city vehicles checking on the residents the fire department. Is out checking on a downed power line it's a live power line as well as also, a. Makeshift stop signs. Really throughout lavonia Sam flask he's a resident he was kind of shaken by last. Night's storm Sam I was afraid afraid really down vase All. Because that's what they, tell you to I hadn't heard. That but I. Guess that was safe last night. There DT says that all those storm all these reports of should be. Back by this, afternoon reporting live here Livonia Charlie. Langton WJ NewsRadio nine fifty in Dearborn, Ford field. Park, decided this weekend city homecoming celebration oh they've got a lot of water there to deal. With John, stanky as with Dearborn DPW. He says they've dealt. With this before it's a. Flood plain. That's what it is. Doing this job it's. Meant to flood it's meant to flood it caught all the rain and. Then now you gotta deal. With it now we deal with it. We've got some more rain coming tonight hopefully. It doesn't come back up like this we'll. Get it all dried out before Friday he says the park will be, ready when they opened the gates Friday a. Close call for some Ann Arbor firefighters their rig was. Part of the. Scene of an accident last night along I ninety four when it was hit by a. Couple of cars and a semi truck No firefighters are other. People involved were. Heard the fire truck did have. Some pretty bad damage firefighters who are helping to block, traffic is state. Police we're dealing, with an accident on westbound ninety. Four at Jackson road there was heavy, rain in. The, area at the time of the crash British scientists say they have a new clue into. What may, cause autism women who suffered. From polycystic ovary syndrome. Have a slightly greater risk. Of giving. Birth to a child. With autism than women. Without the condition a report in the journal translational psychiatry says there could. Be a link between raised. Levels of the male hormone testosterone and. Mothers with an autism in their children they. Also suggest this may be why autism is. More often diagnosed in boy news time nine thirty five well ri- riding, mass transit can literally make you sick here's. CBS news correspondent Jim Chenevey if you choose mass transit. You should know. You probably will pick up a few germs along the way more than a few actually Scientists. Sent volunteers out to subway lines and had, them swab common services what they found. Was that subways arm as you might expect. Teeming with bacteria checking the different microbiomes they came. To realize that commuters tend to pick a bacteria from. Virtually everyone who travelled on the same system prior to do so. Best I'm the limit your exposure early. Morning worst time late in the. Evening when those trains and buses are infested with germs Jim Chenevey CBS. News traffic and weather together next w w j news time nine thirty six hey hey flow.

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