No, Jennifer Aniston Isn't Heartbroken After Her Split From Justin Theroux, Thank You Very Much


On my top Dirty tear Jennifer Aniston is clearing up some things about her life in the September issue of in style magazine He's on the cover and Anniston. Says I quote with all due respect I'm not heartbroken referring to. How the tabloids at treat her personal life she. Adds assumptions about her relationships and personal life are reckless adding no one knows. What's going, on behind closed doors no, one considers how sensitive that might be for my partner. And me Jennifer she I I'm half torn with sympathy and I, just wanted to tell her to be Craig she was perpetuators so much of her own narrative that is true wasn't that After the bad thing she. Said she thought she addressed all of this in the Huffington Post. A year I don't know why Welker. She's got, another break up with a partner though not notice that language look at Saying maybe it was. Never a fish named. Number yeah Ceremony and then that's why. They took. All their friends on. The honeymoon look at all right CNN plans to air the. Final seven episodes of Anthony bourdain parts known this fall only one of the upcoming shows we'll have board, Dane's trademark narration throughout and producers. Will use on location audio. And interviews today tied together the rest of the episodes, the first episode set in. Kenya will feature CNN personality w Kamu. Bell on that so they'll continue in show those episodes rayon is embracing her much talked about curse in the new issue of British vogue. Riano was asked, why she thinks. Other women love her and she, said I don't know maybe it's because I'm thick now and, she said about working out on her body Rana said, I'm about to get back into the gym. And stuff and I hope I don't. Lose my, butter my hips, are all of my thighs. She said I'll lose some but not all she. Said I, think my boobs like I'm a lose everything. Everything goes but she said, it comes to the price you want. To have a. But then, you gotta have a good I love. It she says sad that, that is a great line if you wanna have a but you. Got Speaking truth.

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