World shares mixed on fears of higher US tariffs on China


Fake President Trump holds. A rally in Florida as its former campaign chief goes on trial in connection, with the, Russian. Election meddling inquiry adaptability the key to homo sapiens managed to survive. Were other species didn't it's like people can just do it like we were armed with the skill very shortly after reading Africa and the ability to figure out how to live in a very. Difficult environment very quickly, that's after, the news Other, Neil Nunez with the BBC news a judge in the United States has blocked. The online distribution of blueprints for the three d. printing, of, guns in June the Trump administration decided to. Allow the designs to be made available via the internet Peter Bowes has this report three d. printing is the process of making, a, physical, object from a three, dimensional digital model homemade. Guns made almost entirely a three d.. Printed plastic components known as go guns because unregistered untraceable and don't have serial, numbers in, June. The US government reached an agreement with a nonprofit grouping Texas allowing. It legally to publish gun blueprints online a judge in Seattle said he was blocking the distribution plan because it could cause irreparable harm to US citizens US media reports say sources close to President. Trump say he's consider During tariffs of up. To twenty five percent on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese goods. Sergeant stab good escalate the trade dispute between the world's two largest economies nNcholas Russia reports this would not be the first, time President Trump impose tariffs on Chinese imports but the goods targeted now would have. A bigger impact on consumers Mr. Trump had previously threatened Levy ten percent talks between Washington and Beijing have reached a standstill. And increased to twenty five percent Mike pressure China to return, to the negotiating table tariffs on thirty four billion dollars worth of Chinese goods. Are already in place and have been reciprocated an airliner, has, crashed on takeoff during a heavy hailstorm in. Northern Mexico injuring eighty-five people the governor of the state of Durango said the plane had been hit by a gust of wind, as, it, left the runway will, grant has more Many Mexicans feared the worst when they. Saw the first images of the smoking wreckage of the Eyadema Hueco flight in a field. Outside the airport in dude angle yet incredibly it appears to more than one hundred passengers and crew on board at, the time had an unlikely escape Who must immediately the reports of passengers walking away from the damaged plane and seeking help on, a nearby highway the state governor in Durango Jose Ross. Has said via Twitter there had been no casualties low the number of injured. And the extent of their injuries still isn't clear. The US homeland security secretary has welcomed the Facebook's decision, to shot to more than thirty accounts which are apparently aimed at influencing the midterm elections casting Nielsen said any attempts to interfere in elections was a direct attack on democracy for this book took down almost ten thousand posts it said it could not be certain of their source but some had links to accounts used by the Kremlin world news from the BBC Prosecutors in the trial of, President Trump's former election campaign manager Paul. Manafort say he filed, false tax returns and tries to hide millions of dollars in foreign banks they're accused him, of using the money to fund a luxury lifestyle Mr. Manafort has pleaded not guilty to charges of Bank fraud. And tax evasion Amnesty International says, one of its employees has. Been targeted in a hack using. Isreaeli made government surveillance software it said the employee was sent a message. About a protest which contained a link designed to allow the sender access to their device Agnes, decided had traced the malware decides sides linked to the. Israeli firm NSO group and in so at its technology was solely for the. Investigation and prevention of crime and terrorism but said. It would investigate Amnesty's claims a new study says climate, change will render densely populated areas of China uninhabitable by the end of the century William otter reports this study published by scientists in the US finds that. From twenty seventy, onwards the north China plain will be hit repeatedly by heat waves, so intense that healthy. Adults sitting in the shade could perish within six hours the area runs along the Yellow River and includes the cradle of Chinese civilization. Nearly half a billion people call it home while it borders mega cities like Beijing and Shanghai much of it is fertile farmland should the humidity from Evaporating irrigated fields combined with, the vising temperatures researchers say the plane. Could be the first, real casualty of climate change that's if global CO two emissions including China's own continue pace Abandon wearing Muslim face veils in public comes into force, today in Denmark the measure was. Passed by the Danish parliament. In may a protest rallies planned later involving both Muslim and non Muslim. Women wearing the niqab in defiance of the law police are able to. Order women wearing face coverings to, leave public areas BBC news Hello I'm Emilio San Pedro and this is the newsroom from the BBC World. Service last month the Trump administration gave the go-ahead controversially for the design of three d., plastic guns to be available to everyone online, that meant in. Theory anyone could, download the, blueprint for the plastic firearm plug it into a three d.. Printer and with the right. Materials. Instantly create a gun with no, background check required and today, the gun access advocacy group defense distributed was due to put these blueprints online but a, judge has now issued an order stopping this publication several US states including Massachusetts went to court to stop these plans for. Being made available it's attorney general is moral Healy, I think most people in this it's pretty outrageous that Sunday the. A department store by three d. printer take it home and look up these files and all of. A sudden they have made a gun and it's a matter of national. Security because Basically what the Trump administration, was going to do we're going to allow criminals and terrorists to make their own guns at home We think, it is wrong on so many levels and we're really pleased with this court issued disorder, and I think that that future courts if they're going to consider this will also. Come out the same way speaking outside court the Washington state attorney general. Bob Ferguson also welcomed the judge's ruling complete, total victory everything we asked for we got from judge last name to be clear we're asking for a nationwide temporary restraining order putting a halt to.

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