Hillary Clinton and Steven Spielberg team up for TV drama about women's right to vote


Like School how much Robert free Bradford from the, ticket I think that I would. Not have it if I had it Ringo Starr Yup and Phil and Courtney John McCartney but this, is now lean? In a new and. Improved Curtis whose fault as I will blame Brehm who are you a member Test is like what's the eighth month of the years just basic you know what's the. Fourth month of the year Flex functional straight to? Be stuck. Functional strength to beat the jam will run it What go out ship sail, what I'm gonna guess Eighty-six fourteen very close Kirk, eighty seven fourteen Beaumont. Eighty seven four hundred thirteen It's time for Curtis Kirk and Callahan Headlines, brought to, you by Dr, Robert Leonard Dr Matthew the press v hair loss leaders in. New England one, eight hundred. Get here, first of. All Chris Curtis good, morning good morning Oh boy That's something. That's that's you have to have. That, ready oh don't you think you could? Just reprint Good. Morning, Martin good morning hey how you doing Now if. I ask them so good morning? Private he's all why. Did you move. The mic dally it's like erect I don't know he's doing he's doing a. Good job to the first. Hour and a half he's he's just he's. Okay and, I would just. Get, some animal crackers Oh he did yes he was like one of. Those guys like. He feels like it's one of those movies where. They've got you. Like like diehard or something where the bad guy plays a trick on the guy that, he, moves all. Explo- he'll be killed look like? The next movie makes. What's Danny Glover. Was on the toilet that's exactly it that's exactly it looks like moved to. The all it's gonna explode. They don't move lethal weapon good or great Good Now the Greek very good at saying not, great No, mel's Creighton everything. Well Danny Glover's, awesome too. Yeah they've. Great chemistry those are good? Good, point good movies. You ever. See lethal weapon no. I have not I have I. Love that movie how good you think rob Lois I thought he was Probably. Shouldn't want an. Oscar all right go? Ahead headlines being hosted once again for the first time I think in two thousand eighteen no no no I hosted here at the great Dickerson and drellich. Show weeks ago okay I suppose. By, Alex remix. Yes. Good. Morning, guys how are. We today I, have a. Show that. You both will be interested? In, Hillary Clinton and. Steven Spielberg. Teaming up on a. TV project based on a lane. Weiss's book the woman's Hey what's Hillary. Okay. What's Hillary's role women's our? Executive. To win the. Vote yes she's going? To executive produce the series the book came out earlier this year and it falls the activists who had the decades long fight to grant women the right. To vote I'll just read a page of every day because I. Don't, want to do want to save only. Nine thousand pages looking forward and Bill Clinton actually didn't know already sold the series to show time with James Patterson, to be based on Shot is good guess James Patterson made eighty. Seven million dollars last year it is so weird it's only one other author made more j. k. Rowling correct No one no one else was in anywhere near them it's so. Weird to me. That he. Wrote that book about what's his, face you know the one we read Epstein Epstein make a lot. Of noise at all though who's really good that's. Excellent. And he never mentioned Clinton wants, and I thought. That's strange now I know why Clin doesn't care like Clinton went. To that pedophile island with him yeah and and ordered. His secret service I've. Seen jail he was convicted by now you read that book That should. Be the. Craziest book I've ever been is, there and and Trump was on the plane with them too I. Mean that's the reason that that hasn't stuck with. Whom. One time with whom two time, Academy Award winner. Kevin Spacey because on the plane with those two That was when he found all the underage Sex workers Or girls Hillary never made it to Jeffrey Epstein's No bathing suit in the beach they'll. Go ahead it's got to be proud of your what you got unequal Kidman is in talks to play Gretchen Carlson. In a new Fox News movie expected to join Charlene stare on in the film about ousted CEO Roger l.. Margulis Margot Robbie destroy. Joined. The cast as well I saw she did. Yes Darren is going. Play basically. Justifying Sharon Tate Tarantino would with, pitting that's right who's playing who's playing Bill? O'Reilly Bill O'Reilly said that didn't they Now I don't have it. Here Ron's playing gusting bald Dreyfuss good you know what the liberals will be cloned over. Each other to get, those? Roles it's a big yet right, it's a, chance that that really I mean so Weinstein. Started this the, real metoo movement but I mean Roger Ailes is at the? Onset, of? All what's his name Roger Russell? Have you seen Russell Crowe Russell Crowe in, the trailer, for this Nicole Kidman movie you know the. Woman I guess, where they sent oh sorry they take something that's exactly what? I, said? Have you seen the trailer Is they send the kid, to to boy, what interrupted or something probably not as gay they send, to the, to the, to this to watch that. And, the, other one you told me about is the. The British the British way Russell caucus on this. Week we want to do with you they send them to get, reprogramming how much Movie I don't know. To eighty Russell Crowe yeah I don't know Not that tall. Actually fat I met. Him one time in LA's not that tall, he's fat is natural it's. Not like he wasn't fat nearly confidential. But, he is now Oh yeah this. Is the fault wasn't. Fat and gladiator either but he's now the, education of Cameron post This is called. Boy interrupted are the Moyer was a. Movie Girl Interrupted, that's boys. Boy. Raced, race. I think that's right the grinder seen must be, really good at those case I'm shocked sexual Unbelievable Stress It's shock. Me it worked Girlfriend Emotionally scarred in the hallways we Reverend this, earlier but it is worth hearing the, sound I, think joy. Behar I came to Al Franken's defense on the. View he's a gentleman guys in. Him groping woman was just a. Joke so I saw that photograph where he was putting hands pretending to touch, them but she didn't really touch. Them that was a sophomoric joke by a comedian in a time when, pitted, no he was going to become the Senator was.

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