Less-mobile Aaron Rodgers creates 'double-edged sword' for Packers offense


When Aaron Rodgers went down in the second quarter and he was grabbing that knee and he had to be wheeled off of Lambeau Field. I'm not a lot of got it was over. I really, really did. I said it's over. He's not coming back. It's over the season is over the Green Bay Packers are absolutely positively. Nothing without him. And this of championship aspirations has been reduced to rubble in the blink of an. It didn't Raja's obviously, when he got wheeled off the Sean Khazar formerly at a Cleveland Browns was turnover. Waiting to happen was absolutely God awful. Almost got Hugh Jackson, Five last season. He was so awful. He comes up in there. There's a strip sack about a hands of Khalil Mack. This also a pick six by Khalil Mack. The listen clear maga- Santis ago. He's clearly not in football shape, but there's a reason it's four time all pro who made all protein, both as a defensive back or does the reason why to gave up two first round picks to get. There's a reason why bears were willing to give this money, the brother, the money they will give. There is a reason everybody should have their eyes on Jon Gruden as we speak in Oakland, California. You can't pick up the phone and call the MAC, daddy himself Khalil Mack. You can't sit up there and use your salesman like approach your motivational tactics to see what you can do to convince this due to stay in Oakland. When approached. By reporters, I believe it was Chris Collins worth, but I'm not sure Khalil Mack was asked if more of a concerted effort had been made to reach him and have a conversation with him and say, look, we want you here in Oakland, cappella water and ultimately Las Vegas, come hell or high water. We want you as a part of the silver and black. We're gonna do everything we can take care you with that have made a difference. Khalil Mack said yes, he said yes and affected. He said, just all that we should need to know. But it didn't go down that way. It didn't go down that way. And as a result of it not going down that way. You see what we have before us.

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