School district holds registration for non-English-speaking students


Lows sixty, nine degrees traffic and transit coming up in about three minutes or so a recent study found a disturbing increase. In, the rate of, youth suicide up more than seventy percent between two thousand six and two thousand sixteen there. Are new efforts by Philadelphia officials to lower that number by focusing on at risk children and teens, share a day Howard, has the story Tito Valdez with the city solicitor's office says you, suicide rates are staggering and the city is, taking aim at those numbers by addressing the needs, of those most vulnerable as ubt, teens teams of color can particularly the trans community. Forty percent is that consistent metric, that we see in the studies now Dez. Says Philadelphia unlike other cities is, progressive and has a number of resources for, youth have the center the William way, center is. A great repository of information, in terms of LGBT resources that are available not only the kids but to foster parents says the way, the city is affecting Change within the system is by. Educating everyone from judges two social workers on what the real needs are, of at risk youth, charity Howard KYW NewsRadio apparent road rage incident Monday night and the lower northeast leaves a man in the hospital, had happened just after eight o'clock and long pass more street near menteur police say a forty seven year old. Man, was shot in, the right leg after an argument with a guy who was blocking his car the gunman. Sped off no arrests have been made for the next three weeks the Philadelphia school district is holding, a special registration for, students who speak a language other than English Mike DeNardo reports Translators in the atrium of district headquarters are, helping parents register their non-english-speaking children for class, in the fall Dr, Deborah green coordinator of the district's multi-lingual assessment center says, Philadelphia has, students from more than eighty countries who speak. Fifty different languages they might be refugees so they've already gone through a traumatic experience at home to get here Judy Nunez was registering. Her stepchildren from the Dominican Republic sometimes I don't know how, to translate the same Belva. Do and is better for him said on this than somebody who spent students are given a written and, computer tests to evaluate their English skills and then placed in schools with procreate programs Mike DeNardo k. whatever NewsRadio investigators in western Pennsylvania, allege dozens of children, were molested by their pediatrician and in some cases took. Places the parents were in the same room pediatrician Johnny Wilson Bartolo of Johnstown faces sixty nine counts. Molestation charging documents Filed Monday by the attorney general's office alleged bardo fondled the genitals of boys and girls often under the guise of treatment. And in some cases trawling complaints from their parents the, seventy year old bardo had his license to, practice medicine suspended after, his first arrest in January he's currently in Cambria county, prison his, lawyer has not commented on the charges I'm Kerry shoemaker.

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