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Through the weather warnings again i'm reading treat about this because you're telling me the story like there's a yellow weather ward him was a number whether ward and yet anyway moving on but what does it mean yes that's right that's like me doing this combing coming now everyone ono and then walking out what's coming what could be one okay big henderson's zombies a trump as in oh i was going to say trump okay so so so you so yellow warning yellow warning is is way more serious than them now do you remember the beast from the east so so do you want to go the scandal down let's start ambush ary so so it goes amber goes yellow then it goes read so goes ambi yellow red so that's what we need to look out for yellow no you said the yellow is most severe the number so what is great green dumbass everything's fine so no to carry on his normal okay yellow so yellow is it's basically when the weather is likely to cause low level problems so so them what is i'm ver osama's actually it is yellow remembering oh training goes yellow amber read what i was remember from school what what's question because you said yellow was was worse than i'm you know did either so you know i'll tell you okay green nobody dome be aware be aware gang be radio be prepared yes a severe weather so yellow is be aware and amber is be prepared for severe weather and red is take action yes it's since i was up meteorological college and things have moved on sego satellites now and stuff things have moved on the ice obas known i suppose what is about them what's the nice above so you know in the weather chop backing this is winston willis by the way back in the day these lines the lines i i know that that but that's the symbol isobars net nice about isn't just the line is it if i look out the window now this guy i don't see rows of rows of lines no you don't visible to the naked eye on about but we we in the weather industry when would use a line on a map to indicate an ice what is nice about us the question so lima map to set up the lines google isobars now yeah it's pressure it'll say simon's the map atmospheric pressure so you know joe big pressure it's more pressure okay i need to move on why isobel the first thing that comes up is an idiot a a line of app actually i was told by the best sal cope thing freaks me out every time yeah you know south co trade goes that's right well they changed little jingle been so used to the jingle that i'm like when i press it now it's got like a wash always think some press two buttons or something like without house get you'll very clever because it goes and then he fakes his appear and then it goes right ends okay build this house get your free trade coats today what she said i can get the free trade cod today today yes why don't we what does that mean we can do go to sell let's do it you get you get you what would you buy if you went today with your free trade cod do.

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