Boys rescued from Thai cave are recovering well in hospital


Wisconsin senator district wtmj reporting that the district is terminating cfo jeff sink avec also getting rid of its vp of sales and marketing trays good row the changes come as the bradley center of course is starting to dissipate steve marsh will become the new cfo of the wisconsin center district originally with the bradley center that according to the district confirming that's wtmj much more on this developing story throughout the day today the changes coming to the district the wisconsin senate district by the way runs the convention center and the milwaukee theatre right there new where the new milwaukee arena theaters history is now underway the eighteen day ordeal is now officially over in northern thailand all twelve boys and their soccer coach have made it out alive of that flooded cave the crews that were in there with them now also out crews have been racing to get the soccer team out before monsoon unrein's we're going to move in later this week bbc correspondent jan johnson is reporting that there's been such complex or operating everyone breathing a big sigh of relief now the strength and resilience and self belief of those boys the skill and determination of the expert case diva's who came to rescue it's a phenomenal feat of endurance and a daring rescue operation that's being carried off successfully against such difficult off the boys are quarantined there hoped to be reunited with their families soon some have been able to see family members through glass many of them also asking for food all kinds of food asking for anything they can get their hands on they also want to go to the world cup final in russia where they've actually been invited to go at ten doctors say that's not going to happen they'll have to settle in watch it on tv perhaps so they'll be able to see some type of a big game manchester united expressing it's really manchester united now offering all involves not only those that were trapped in the cave but the crew is well to come see a game of theirs in the future weeks escorted by vice president mike pence the new supreme court nominee brett cavanaugh at the capital he's meeting with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and others expected to meet with senator ron johnson at some point as well johnson praising the president selection of cavenaugh adding that even if the president gets indicted in goes before the supreme core cavenaugh would avoid a conflict of interest law article on this is very well informed and written in a good time with shows his impartiality on on the subject so i for my own standpoint i see no reason why he'd have to recuse himself on come before the supreme court senator tammy baldwin is expressing reservations hasn't made any decisions yet senator johnson says he's pleased that she is taking her time with a snap decision the fight fight over the future of milwaukee's troubled north division high school is continuing recall the reaction what's north division to become a community controlled school a group from that part of milwaukee that would be an effective school board for that school longtime education reporter ellen bore success would probably require either state legislative approval or a high degree of cooperation with the monarchy school board and the teachers union and frankly that's not gonna happen doors division as a tendency and enrollment issues plus an eighteen percent dropout rate and graduates just three of ten kids in four years g miller wtmj news the brewers keep the push on to get their first baseman hey suzanne guitar into next week's all star game the brewers are all the paying fans to vote for heyzer saying killer the smart thing for example they bought coffee for fans for voting gm david stearns approves horford to have it on having on our team and i think it's important for us in organization for us as a community for us as a fan base to recognize what he's done for us and to be able to reward him acropora with the deserving recognition which is to be in the all star game it could be celebrated among the best players in baseball david stearns against donald johnson's morning news earlier today doug russell wtmj sport all star game one week from tonight sports traffic and weather next w teams news time eleven.

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