10 years ago, the App Store still didn’t understand what it meant to be mobile


The two industries are competing against one another for that labor pool he says truckers pay is around forty five thousand a year but some bake much as a hundred grand and trucking companies are offering incentives signing bonuses training building safety bonuses and they're looking to hire now bob mcclay ktar news maybe you're interested in tech job or scenic knutson with robert half tells ktar their state of tech hiring and phoenix report reveals three quarters of tech hiring managers into the grow their teams by some of the top skills and demand we're seeing in phoenix our cloud computing cloud security database management cybersecurity you also says about eighty five percent of those hiring managers seem more tech workers moving to the valley apple's app store for iphone is celebrating its tenth birthday today early iphones might have had a web browser google maps and an icon you pushed to open email but we didn't call these things apps until two thousand eight when apple started advertising these scenarios that if you want to read a restaurant review with me there's an app for that has an app for that yeah that became not just an overused catchphrase but our technological reality ten years ago with the official opening of the app store and the release of the iphone three g back then the store had five hundred apps now two point one million making this part of that at a little closer to true for just about anything scott goldberg abc news ktar news time seven oh seven there are only five hundred apps ten years ago five hundred phone right now is there's five hundred apps just to deal with apps now here's detour dan and the valley chevy dealers traffic center all right is not been a terrible morning.

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