Preseason Magazines Hyping Up the 2018 Washington Huskies


In the upcoming august seventh primary there's still time even though the deadline for online registration passed last night you can walk in and register at any county elections office you need to do that by july thirtieth komo news time five forty let's get to the sports desk now then here's tom hot tapped off the yesterday the banners start a six game road trip leading up to the allstar break the first three in anaheim against the angels michalik goes against garrett richards engaged one preseason college football publications giving plenty of loved the huskies especially the defensive backs we hear from komo's bill swartz hath lon phil steele lindy's all concur the group of washington husky defensive backs could be the best in the nation those pre preseason college football magazines very high on junior safety taylor rap and corner byron murphy who says he has plenty of room to improve after a fine freshman season i just wanted to get better at all the techniques provides for us up to my hips breaking on the ball everything just keep updating my game i'm bill swartz washington season opener september first against auburn on the home of the huskies komo news news sonic fans lonnie shelton five year member of the sonics including their in their championship year nineteen seventynine has died at the age of sixty two health issues that were in the wake of a heart attack in may and the seattle storm at noon today keyarena hosting the la sparks trail the storm by three games in the nba's western conference sports at ten forty past the hour tom hutler on the home of the huskies komo news lonnie shelton was a force not to be messed with on the basketball course was the key where he was an enforcer he was rebounder you know he got his points once in a while but he was a man that kind of made it a little unpleasant to come into the key against the sonics it's five forty one stay with us an update.

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