Randy Fichtner: Ben Roethlisberger having his best training camp


That's what Randy Fitch, news the new offensive coordinator. Former quarterbacks coach or, quarterbacks coach for Ben Rothlisberger new OC says that Quote. I would say it's the best camp he's had the only, reason, I say, this is because he's in the best shape since I've had. Him now obviously when you're younger you can probably move a little bit better maybe your arm, of tad livelier if nothing else there's. A, pitch count you do that with all the pitchers, Rothlisberger has got a, great gig we always he basically. Has the Howard Stern of gigs right Howard Stern does three days a week for a show twenty, weeks out of the, year has how, does that work that's, amazing how do I get that gets, twenty five years on the radio and you'll get that, Rothlisberger only gonna play one preseason game has does a. Full day of practice and, a half day at, practice than a day off like how do you. Get that that's amazing Meanwhile he's, got? Like three backup quarterbacks they're all fighting for fighting for that backup position Mason Rudolph Landry Jones and Josh dots at? Tennessee could. Actually looks really good so far in the

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