Joanne Hollindrake: Building a Cleaning Business Empire


Hello empire-builders. This is Kimberly Bonner host of business skill insights podcast, and FM AM radio show. I am so excited about the opportunity for listeners support from all of you. Yes, you, yes, you of you're listening to this podcast right now. I am talking to you if you have ever won benefited from any of the guests that I've had on to benefited from any of the information that I've shared or three passed on this podcast to anyone in your tribe than I am talking to you. I am so encouraged that we have the opportunity for listener support. You can click on a key to contribute to this podcast effort that we have going on with business insights. You can contribute ninety nine cents a month, or you can contribute far more than that. But my big thing is if we get the listeners that are listening to this podcast on a regular basis, and I see you. Oh, I see you. I see you on on the back end. I see. I see the numbers. There is enough of you out there that literally if we just got a small percentage of you to contribute, we could really expand this podcast in amazing ways into more markets into not just podcasting, but into more even radio markets. So if you are at all jazzed by the vision and the mission of business skill insights, what is that mission in that vision you ask Kimberly were here? It is boo, boo, kitty. We are all about really putting a dent in the failure rates of startups and scale ups in the United States of America. The data is all over the place when it comes to startups and scale in the United States. But I can tell you this far too many, the vast majority of startups and scallops in the United States fail and not. All those startups escapes should fail. And if you fundamentally believe that as strongly, as I believe that, then I want you to be part of the team contribute with listener support. Ninety nine cents a month. Come on. Now you spend more than that on Starbucks. I also encourage you to contribute to other podcasters that are out there who are changing your life, giving you value come on people. We don't support each other who else is going to support us. So with that said, I'm talking to the empire builders that are part of business scale insights, the tribe we want to take this message. We want to take this message of hope. We want to take this message of wisdom and we wanna take this this, this message of business savvy and scale to a larger audience. And we cannot do that without listener support where presently not just podcasting, but we have an FM AM. Presence in south Florida, my God, we'd love to take this thing syndicated we love to take this all over the United States, not just via podcasting, but through radio syndication, and we need your support to do that. So empire builders, please contribute to this podcast. If you believe in the mission, you believe in the vision, you really think that there's value being given and you really think that this message needs to get to more people, Honey, Bobo empire builder. It's not gonna happen by us, Moses, we need you support us today, but by.

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