The Latest: Zimbabwe opposition now rejects election ruling


Then Bob way held its breath as the country's constitutional coup review petition by the opposition challenging last month's presidential election, victory of MSN Menin gangwar ahead of the ruling the streets in the capital Harare were almost empty delivering the verdict, chief Justice league Malabo said the allegations of election, tampering. By the opposition candidate Nelson Chamisa unsubstantiated the court finds that the 'applicant is failed to bliss before you eat clear direct sufficient and credible evidence today that he alleges, Mont election process, materially existent. You know, though, is there was no proof of the hub innings of these irregularities as a metal fact, but no Ola happy with the coots decision as fit and the opposition MDC Tendai BT said his paws, he would continue to work towards the mood Democratics in bubbly. We will remain in the trenches fighting for democratic change. You know, country through pitiful constitional means with all disturbed before we've taken the blues like today. But with with this incredible capacity, affording down, investing ourselves in looking at least in the in, we never blink is a middle principal correspondent in Harare, shin guy, Neal was in couth when the verdict was delivered. The judge did give more details on why they arrived at that decision about what he did say is that the the mole index drooling would be. Released at a later stage that he saints any. What he said is that the the the Nelson Chamisa would have to provide substantial evidence aflame to void this inaction. He also saved that Nelson Chamisa had not a used old legal remedies that were available to him that he could have ordered a recount and that he also could have unsealed a requested for the Bennett books as to be unsealed a, he had alleged a huge, a massive irregularities in terms of a ghost voting double counting of results. And the judge said that if only he had applied for the ballot boxes to be open to that might have been substantiated, but it wasn't. And so now an Elson chummy Chamisa we'll have to go back to the join boat to decide what his next move is a while. President Emmerson Mnangagwa is preparing for his inauguration. That by law is expected to happen within the next forty eight dollars. Now you say they have. Go by decide what the next move is. The opposition had said that they wouldn't accept any outcome from this that wasn't in that faith us a to this leave the movement for democratic change. Why can they won't come? They do well for many people to have very limited avenues, especially given the fact that this comb court ruling in the constitutional court ruling. They cannot appeal against its final of what they have say does that they intend to have a press conference tomorrow, win. Nelson Chamisa will map out the way forward. They have said that they still want to dispute this ruling, but that they will do that within the confines of the law. It's not clear whether they're going to reach out to Amazon mnangagwa's to try to come to some kind of an agreement to accommodate them within government or whether they're going to take a diplomatic route to go around the world and essentially voice. They concerns about this. This contested

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