DNA leads Indiana police to suspect in 30-year-old murder case


The hospital the fire broke out in a multifamily home on twenty, fifth street so far no word on the cause results of the preliminary investigation around in that fiery crash, overnight in irvington township New Jersey acting Essex County prosecutor Robert Laurino says it involved a police pursuit, that ended in two juveniles being seriously. Injured the crash happened at around two, fifteen in the morning in the vicinity of lions and union avenues authorities. Say the car struck a tree, and the, vehicle, split in two with one. Section bursting into flames wins news time one thirty six fifty nine year old man goes before a. Judge today to face, charges in the thirty year old a thirty year old rape and murder case of an eight. Year old body of. Eight-year-old April Tinsley was, found, in, a ditch. In northern Indiana in April of nineteen eighty eight four. Days after her parents reported her missing police say, she had, been fixated in two thousand four they recovered used condoms in, Fort Wayne and gravel each, would note saying the person who left the condoms raped and. Killed the DNA was recently traced a fifty nine year old Jonathan. D Miller, of grabble he was arrested. Over the weekend police say he admitted to choking the girl. Before dumping her body correspondent Ryan burrow your library, card is getting you access these days at more than just the library starting today cardholders. At the new York Public Library the Brooklyn public library and the queens library we'll get free admission to, more than thirty cultural institutions around the five boroughs including the Guggenheim MoMA PS one and the intrepid sea Aaron Space Museum new York Public Library president Tony marks library is the free place that everyone in the city uses so we, thought why not use the library as the gateway to these amazing institutions you can make reservation Culture passed on NYC but, you can only visit each institution once a year eighty nine degrees fair skies going up to ninety. And midtown.

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