Dow marks 4th straight gain as stocks finish broadly higher after Powell testimony


Brooks from CBS look back on the day on Wall Street stocks pulled a u-turn midway through. The session and finished. In the green with the NASDAQ at a record high fed chair Jerome Powell provided some assistance in testimony to congress saying the economy continues to look solid, with rate hikes continuing to be. Gradual the Dow rose fifty five points. To twenty five thousand one hundred, nineteen NASDAQ up forty nine points to seventy eight fifty five s&p higher by eleven. Points at twenty. Eight oh nine Netflix shares took a dive after the video stream or missed earnings expectations, and did not gain nearly as, many subscribers in the second quarter as it, had previously guided Jason Brooks CBS news Rose what's happening with news coming up at seven o'clock from the one, jet news desk This afternoon President Trump sought to. Clarify some of what he said in Helsinki yesterday at least six suspects will be charging what police believe with a racially motivated attack at an Avalon. Bar n que, decay radio's Melinda Roeder is at. A public hearing on community relations today we're state lawmakers heard. Testimony from local police officers we'll have those stories at seven on NewsRadio ten twenty Meryl Streep and share reunite for. The entertainment tonight user in Hollywood I'm Kelly night momma Here we go again marks a few milestones for Meryl Streep not..

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