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As we discussed before I asked Cardi b. and the Carters so Jay z. and beyond say they are leading the way here, and it, looks like, it's going to take. Place next month but Taylor swift fans they're a little upset there's. Been some. Big backlash because look what you made me do got snubbed so fans took to the internet after that failed through Stephen nomination. For video of the year from the MTV video music awards so we'll have to see if she makes appearance what it is on. TV next month and other. Things that are trending right now Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott they'd had a first photo shoot together was for g. q. magazine they appeared on the. Cover, and, their photo is God certainly making the rounds here Mark Anthony green interviewed the couple for. G. q.? Magazine off Just cover story and the Rugrats they haven't been trading for a while but they are today because they are coming. Back and longtime fans are having mixed reactions some positive negative. Positive from this guy over here Nickelodeon. Ounce that the beloved nineties cartoon is getting a television relaunch. With a twenty six episode order and there's also a live action movie with CGI characters on the way so we'll have to, just stay, tuned to, that we'll keep you. Updated here at mytalk of course but that's what's trending here so. That we're. Going to take a look at your channel five eyewitness news weather forecast for the day Ken Barlow says this is the kind. Of summertime monotony we can't get used to here in Minnesota because it's going to be beautiful abundant sunshine is an order of a. High of eighty low of. Sixty two as well as very low humidity and then tomorrow times of sun and clouds high of eighty to blow of sixty six go out there. And. Enjoy, it because currently it's sunny and seventy three degrees At mytalk Now you know what we know see more at mytalk.

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