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Sports play I'm Marco balletti deadline came and went for the Steelers. To. Reach a long term agreement would lay the on bell soap running back will play this. Season, under the franchise tag for a second consecutive year now Belle sent a tweet saying in, part both sides worked hard. To get the deal done but. It is a business he apologized. To Steeler fans declared this'll be as best. Season yet bell will play the year for fourteen point five million also. Playing the season of the franchise tag will, be lions defensive end Ziggy Ansah Cowboys d. n. DeMarcus Lawrence. And also, ram safety lamarcus, Joyner homerun derby comes tonight Bryce Harper. The biggest star and he's playing in, his home, park being able to do it in DC you know, being able to, do it in front of the. Fans and you know have some fun and enjoy that doing it. In New York, was a lot of fun as well but you know different format and different, area and looking forward to tonight Arthur's, the two seat it'd be up against Atlanta's FREDDY Freeman others involved, as who's Aguilar against retired skins.

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