States sue U.S. to void state and local tax deduction cap


Up Republicans, senior administration officials, tell CBS that an effort is underway to repair relationships back home. After the president's comments in Helsinki following the Putin press conference, former CIA deputy director, Mike Morell says morale is at a low in the US intelligence community. I do think that senior officials in the intelligence community need to ask themselves whether they can continue to serve this president and represent the men and women in the intelligence community in a way that is positive. Meanwhile, Republican, Senator rand. Paul is one of the few prominent members of the president's party supporting him. Paul defended Trump on CBS this morning. I don't think you're being fair of the president. So when President Reagan met with Gorbachev, do you think he listed the litany of Soviet abuses from Stalin on a one to one meeting? No, they were listed and recounted by. Other people in the administration there have also been people within the Trump administration have listed? Recounted, the human rights violations in Russia House speaker Paul Ryan directly contradicted President. Trump saying today there, is no doubt that Russia meddled. In our elections Russia is trying to. Undermine democracy itself to de-legitimize democracy so for some reason they can look good by comparison let's just. Be really clear about that CBS White House correspondent we show Zhang has more. And how President Trump may begin to mend. Fences the president is meeting with a group of Republican lawmakers from Capitol Hill today he's hosting. Them here at the White House the president will be getting an earful. From these lawmakers because it is so fresh and it I can't imagine that they, won't be bringing up his performance, in Finland and Anton Twitter President Trump. Tweeted that he has great confidence in his intelligence people but to build a brighter future we. Cannot exclusively focus on the past he tweeted well during the summit Putin offered to allow US investigator Offers to question Russian. Military, agents accused of hacking the Democratic Party. In two thousand sixteen campaign in exchange she wants Russians, to be allowed to question US officials suspected of involvement. And alleged financial crimes, by British investor Bill Browder Browder. Is an influential full of Putin the. Former ambassador is one of the reasons that the US sanctions some powerful Russians that also came after. The death of a Russian lawyer investigating corruption WCBS CBS news time twelve thirty. Four New York New jersey Connecticut and Maryland. Are all suing the federal government over the tax overhaul signed into law last year Steve burns. With more new York Attorney General Barbara Underwood is framing this as a. States rights issue the entire history of our nation until now every single federal income, tax law has provided a deduction, for all or nearly all state and. Local taxes in, order to protect the right of the states to Invest as necessary the law passed last year cap state and local, tax deductions at ten thousand dollars which Underwood along with attorneys general in. New Jersey Connecticut in Maryland l. c. is a specific, attack on blue states seeking to coerce. Our states into, changing our fiscal policies and the important public investments. And services those policies support the suit has been filed in Manhattan federal court Steve burns WCBS NewsRadio eight eighty fifth child is now died from that. House fire that hit, a home, in, union city, back on, Friday, morning Hudson county prosecutors are saying four year olds Shamir Lopez died after being in the hospital. In critical condition the other victims and. The fire range in age from thirteen to just two years old another four year old girl remains in the hospital in critical condition while a man and a woman are, stable still no causes been identified for that Friday morning fire that has now taken five lives WCBS CBS news, time twelve thirty. Five a. everyone's super excited, for Amazon prime day and here's our pick for one, of the hottest deals up, to forty percents.

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