Arnold Schwarzenegger says Trump's Putin news conference was 'embarrassing,' calls him 'little fanboy'


For the bay area all news one oh six nine AM seven forty KCBS Monday nine July sixteenth coming up on KCBS I'm Rebecca chorale groups. That help people quit white supremacist and other extremist movements are growing President Trump Gibbs positive reviews to his meeting with Putin an update in just a. Moment from. CBS news and a young girl, tonight recovering at home after receiving the. First pediatric heart transplant in San Francisco good, evening I'm Larry Sharoni, KCBS news time eight thirty one now to CBS. News News update. President Trump's back. Home tonight, at the White House where he's, had protests demonstrators. Outside after a week. In Europe spent bashing US allies setting off on uproar on his last op seeming to believe what Putin's denial of Russian election meddling rejecting US. Intelligence and law enforcement Senator John McCain called out one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory former CIA chief John Brennan used. The word. Treasonous Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer he took the word of the KGB Over the men and women of the president did an interview with Sean Hannity of FOX focusing on thinks he thinks went. Well with Putin think we really came to a, lot of good conclusions. Are really, good conclusion for Israel something very strong easy he's a believer in Israel he's a fan of maybe and really helping them a lot and we'll help him a lot which is, good for all of us CBS news update I'm Tom Foty former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is also weighing in the Helsinki news conference Schwarzenegger, posted a video on Twitter condemning President Trump for not standing up to Putin President Trump I just saw your, press conference, with President Putin and he was embarrassing, I mean you, stood there. Like little with noodle like a little The fan boy was asked him, as a winner you going to ask him for an autograph for herself you something like that it's worth says the president's comments were an attack on the US. Intelligence community and Justice department there's been an alarming surge in hate crimes and public demonstrations, of white supremacy over. The last couple of years. And now as KCBS has Rebecca corral reports there's a growing, movement to give up the hate, there is life after hey there are. Many of us. Who were condemned who have now changed to our now productive providing service working volunteer work and going back on the streets and trying to hold the same people wrangle is a former. Violent extremists now executive director of life after hate, a nonprofit that helps. People move, away from a life of racism hatred and extremist behavior Struggle with, and much like an addiction where people are stuck with the stops in these feelings that seem to navigate, them even when they wanted change like. A, drug addict or alchoholic he says some extremists find. It nearly impossible to give up the hating those stocks. And feelings can be. Persistent many months, and sometimes years even after eating for hateful lifestyle not Rangel says with compassion. Education and support they can't chain helps them feel that we're not in Georgia bear or condemnation and yet at. The same time communicate that there's obviously a, better way of looking at life of handling grievances. That they have he, says, part of the process involves taking responsibility for their actions Rebecca chorale KCBS the electronic scooter, rental company bird is sponsoring, a Bill to do away with California's helmet law a scene at reports the Bill the company initially introduced. Back in February.

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