Prosecutors want suspected covert Russian agent kept in jail


Com Cumulus station Boutonniere behind bars interpreting no I'm, Michael Toscano a federal judge in Washington. Has ordered accused Russian agent Maria boot and a jailed pending trial this after federal prosecutors warned. That she has ties to Russian intelligence and is a flight risk during the court hearing prosecutor showed a photo, of Bhutto meeting an alleged Russian intelligence operative at a DC restaurant the. White House trying to beat back, the idea President Trump answered no when he was asked, this afternoon if Russia, is still targeting. The US with cybersecurity attacks. He did say no but press secretary, Sarah Sanders interprets. It differently The. President, said I'm not reversing Well and I didn't. Take it the way he did US intelligence says the attacks from Russia are ongoing congressional Democrats are worried about what Trump may have promised or revealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin during, the Helsinki meeting Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer wants the interpreter subpoenaed to testify for some reason reason that Americans and the world is wondering about President Trump wanted. No one else in the room so to have the translator. Come testify and tell. What happened there is an imperative the European, Union has find Google a record five.

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