Jeff Goldblum, Jurassic Park and Dr Ian Malcolm discussed on The Rundown


UK TV network called now TV has installed a. Huge, statue of Jeff Goldblum in a familiar pose right in front of the tower bridge in London to commemorate the twenty. Fifth anniversary of the original Jurassic Park now the statue depicts Jeff Goldblum Dr Ian Malcolm. In his most famous. Position which is with his shirt open and. Reclining you might recognize that position of his when he. Is injured. In the movie Jurassic Park go check it out if you don't know what I'm talking. About, now the statue by the way. Is three hundred. Thirty one pounds nine point eight, feet. High twenty three feet long about two hundred. Fifty hours to create wow That's an insane statue man that's. Crazy Statue Crazy, yes That's all. I got Colleen.

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