NHS warns ‘no deal’ Brexit could lead to hospital drug shortages and spread of disease


Ehich has hospitals and ambulance services, in England say they've been left to their own devices to plan for no deal. Brexit because of a lack of coordination by health Service executives and ministers in a letter seen by BBC. News the group representing more than two hundred trusts warns that drug supplies could run out in the event of a. Chaotic departure, from the EU our political correspondent Chris Mason reports this. Private letter, were sent last Friday to senior NHS manages the health secretary Matt Hancock in the Brexit. Secretary Dominic Robb also received copies a letter written by the chief executive of HFS providers Chris Hopson says preparations for what it calls a no deal. Situation or a hard Brexit have, been hampered, by the lack of visible and appropriate communication claims there's been. Radio silence from. An HSA. England and without national planning and coordination that could. Be both stockpiles and shortages of medicines and medical devices the department of health declined to comment and HSEN garland and NHS Improvement said they were working with. The government which took the lead on contingency planning, for, different scenarios

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