FBI seeks motive after U.S. airline worker steals plane, crashes it


More than twenty four hours after an airline ground workers stole a plane and crashed his motives are not known. Twenty nine year old Richard Russell took off Friday night from the, Seattle Tacoma airport and was seen performing maneuvers in the sky over the radio. Russell called himself a broken guy military jets trailed the plane before it crashed into an island correspondent Kris van cleave there's a report out air traffic controllers can be heard asking repeatedly for that, plane to identify its call sign to as they're trying to. Figure out why this plane, is just sort. Of ended up. On a runway but once, an airliner is on the runway with engines. Fired up you don't have, a whole lot of time to do something to stop it Brad Tilden as. CEO of Alaska Airlines partner of horizon air which ran the plane in terms of improvements that we might, make as a company as an as an industry to make this. Honestly to. Make this very safe industry. Even safer in. The future it's too

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