Cohen lawyer suggests his client has knowledge implicating Trump in ‘criminal conspiracy’ to hack Democratic emails


To Cohen's. Lawyer Cohen of course, we know with his please yesterday Cohen's lawyer says it Michael Cohen does have some information that would be of interest to the the Muller probe and it has to do with who knew what when you said. The Coens knowledge is quote about The computer. Crime of hacking and whether or not, Mr. Trump knew ahead of time about that crime, and even, cheered it on and the possibility. Of a conspiracy to, collude and corrupt the American democracy system in the two thousand sixteen election so he is, suggesting that the info Cohen has would be damaging to a degree again this is Colin's attorney and Maybe he's looking for headlines. Was on m. s. NBC making these points so moments after the charges in the. Coens, plea were read out loud Paul Manafort of course convicted eight counts. Tax Bank fraud and, all that jazz which to a. Degree boosts Muller's investigation just because it gives them some level of credibility. To the detractors the White House said looks increasingly like a criminal enterprise Of, course there's democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal But it is interesting if what Cohen's lawyer says is true and Cohen knows some specifics about the collusion which would amount to conspiracy and. Actually cheering, on the hacking of computers We all know the president said right up front in front. Of a crowd of people, enter the Russians out there if you can get the rest of Hillary's emails and find out what's in there that could. Be what he's referring to I'm thinking, in my mind he kind of did cheer on the whole idea of Russians getting into Hillary's emails and seeing what they were all about I don't know if it means something More, sinister than that if it's because if what what Trump did right there fits the description of what Cohen's lawyer is claiming. Trump kinda did so I don't know

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