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For the caribbean california wildfire claims a life i'm christopher cruise barrel is headed toward the caribbean now a category one hurricane in its path the islands of dominika guadeloupe martinique meteorologist derek van dam is closely tracking the storm but we do expect it to maintain its strength as it approaches the windward islands but then it starts to interact with some upper level shear and that means it'll will help disorganized storm even further once it enters the eastern caribbean waters all of our computer models keep itself of puerto rico but could they experienced tropical storm force winds watts definitely a possibility eight thousand acre klamath on fire on the california oregon border is claimed the life of person was found dead inside a burn building the fire said to be just five percent contained and threatening three hundred homes near hornbook california letters from the teenage soccer team trapped in a cave in thailand are being sent to families through rest divers ferrying food and supplies to the trump team and their coach correspondent david mckenzie is outside the cave where some of the letters to parents are being shared i'm fine the weather is quite cold don't forget from pugh and that's his nickname it says don't worry dad mom have you as just disappeared for only two weeks with a number of deadline set by federal judge to reunite immigrant families with their children the trump administration is asking for more time in brownsville texas correspondent miguel marquez a tuesday deadline for reuniting immigrant families with their detained children under age five is an issue by a federal judges order the administration has to put detain parents in regular contact with their kids parents and lawyers representing them say most have had at least one phone call some speak regularly others not at all and this late word the north korean foreign ministry has just said talks the past few days with us secretary of state mike pompeo were regrettable i'm christopher cruise.

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