North Korea appears to be dismantling satellite launch site


Live from NPR news in Washington, on trial. Snyder polls are opening this hour in today's run off, election in Georgia Republican, voters still have to decide, who will represent the party. For governor in November roster out from member station w. a.. B. e. in Atlanta sets the stage. Georgia Lieutenant governor Casey k. goal is squaring off, against secretary of. State Brian Kemp both wants to represent the Republican party as candidate for governor in November both have secured influential, endorsements Casey k. goal has the support of popular outgoing Republican governor Nathan deal President Trump has endorsed catos opponent. Brian, Kemp the winner of the primary goes on to, face democrat Stacey Abrams if elected she would be Georgia's first, democratic governor and fifteen years and the country's, first ever black female governor for NPR news I'm Ross Terrell and Atlanta. To Canada, now where. Investigators, are searching for a motive in Sunday night shooting in Toronto meanwhile vigil was held last night for the victims. Three people were killed including the suspected gunman thirteen others were injured Dan carpet Chuck reports the suspect in the shooting rampage has been identified as twenty nine year old Fazle Hussain he died after exchanging gunfire with police but not before he had walked along a busy street firing into restaurants and cafes as well as at pedestrians in a. Written statement. Hussein's family expressed condolences to the families who are now. Suffering because of their son's horrific actions the family also confirmed that Hussein had severe, mental health challenges and struggled. With psychosis and depression his entire life despite medication, and therapy. Dorados police. Chief Mark Saunders says it's too, early to. Establish a motive a ten year old girl in an, eighteen year old girl, were killed in the rampage, for NPR news I'm Dan. Carpenter in Toronto North Korea appears to have started dismantling key. Facilities at a satellite launch site the. US based monitoring group thirty eight north sites satellite Images taken over. The weekend and says, north appears to be taking. A step toward, fulfilling a, pledge made. To President Trump South Korea's presidential office says Seoul has also to texted activity at the. Site witnesses have reported hearing multiple explosions, in the Afghan capital of Kabul today Reuters local media reported least two of the blasts were caused by rockets at least four people, wounded NPR's Diaa Hadid reports from Islam about that there has been no immediate claim of responsibility. Local news outlet Tolo said one of the rockets slammed into a house and another two rockets, hit a mountainside. Slope then news outlets said the rockets appeared to be targeting a police academy close to the residential area the rocket attack comes just two days. After a suicide bomber killed fourteen people outside the Kabul. Airport it had targeted the. Vice president who returned to Afghanistan after leaving Pataki for more than a year. Dade NPR news Islamabad and you're listening to NPR, news This is morning edition on. WNYC at seven four good morning I'm Kerry Nolan New, York governor Andrew Cuomo is pardoning seven immigrants have crimes that could make them deportable saying their. Crimes were minor, and happened years ago the federal government could still. Deport them because of their criminal records but now they'd have a much. Stronger case in immigration court according to Khalil Cumberbatch an associate vice president at the fortune society with the pardon does is that it essentially establishes. A different story than what the government will, say the government will say that these are people who are quote unquote criminals he says the governor's pardon wipes the. Record clean of that original crime Cumberbatch is a legal permanent resident from Jonah who Cuomo pardoned for. Years ago immigration agents had detained Cumberbatch over an old robbery conviction a group of women who say. They've been sexually harassed at the New York state capital or calling for public hearings and they say. Forty-six lawmakers have already signed a petition Karen DeWitt reports It's Leah a bear is former chief of, staff, to former. Assemblyman Vito Lopez. As a condition. Of employment veto required that, I have a romantic relationship with him that I share hotel rooms and even an apartment in. Albany Lopez ultimately resigned his post over the scandal and later died..

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