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Team in New. York she was filming a music, video, Drake, denim and she yourself Don quite a, colorful get up made of a green head scarf along pink, skirt and yellow belt with jeans. On, now this is the thing that was a little weird is that they were doing their rhythm nation dancing in the, street but there wasn't any music. Playing so people were, like not really sure what's going on here if it was just some choreography going down or if it was the real, deal but there was a camera guy doing his thing. Filming so I guess there's going to be a little dance interlude there with no music in the next. Video I'm sorry no glad she's really good to. Fall on Instagram yeah tweets a lot she Instagram's a lot great behind the scenes video follow Janet Jackson I. Wonder if like a silent disco not disrupt How they do those parties Silence So that you don't disrupt your. Neighbor Hearing the music they're just not disrupting the neighborhood Like a. Major street yeah I don't know Either. Way, we're talking about Now, wait to see s. Nasty mytalk silent disco party You guys can, do that all right Title joker the little standalone, film. Starring walking Phoenix and Todd Phillips directing it, got a release. Date of October four two thousand, nineteen and according to the Hollywood reporter. Robert deniro will be joining the project he is in the Goshi he's going to. Be a part of the. Jokers origin And the woman who played Mrs. Fischer and saw six feet. Under is in talks to play the mother so yeah Yeah That's. Cool. Okay, Tom, Wolfe. Pat he was a, very very bad. Guy if you remember last year he was in a play in New York, City and he was charged with felony indecent assault and battery cocaine possession and a costing of a females in the. Cast he was like groping multiple ladies and got arrested for, it and they're, like, oh by the way you have cocaine in your. Pocket that's the long and short of. It, well he made a plea deal and now he has been charged just with annoying female cast. Members It's called a. No, just that you were annoying, people I feel I can send me more severe than, that yeah Is he get fined is he. Going to jail gets a year probation by making this. Plea Costing an annoying I feel like it should be more severe than that Right Okay let's see on TV. Tonight we have America's got talent on NBC and the fifth season finale of drunk history on comedy..

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