“Will & Grace”: David Schwimmer Set For Arc On Next Season Of NBC Revival


Hey this is kind of. Fun David Schwimmer is going to be on the next season of the will and grace. Revival I think this is. Fantastic you like. It I love. It 'cause they're, really I read a rather extensive interview with the members of the, cast and they said, there you, know last year the first revival season back was really about tying up, loose ends Resetting the table and now they can. Move forward with new ideas new friends and push the story forward which I'm really, excited to see if this is part of it hells yeah sign me grace gets acute boyfriend's the truth. Yes David Schwimmer will play races love interest it's a five, episode, arc is what we're hearing. Although scripts are still being written and this will be the show's tenth season overall because. The second in the revival. And the show. Ended after eight. Seasons initially will, and grace is gonna return October fourth for an eighteen episode second, season and it

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