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Markets Radio. Seven hundred wwl Patrice the car is standing by. Mike McConnell's EVS earnings you said are on the way they're out shares are higher pre the drugstore chain reported better than. Expected earnings and revenue it is also. A pharmacy benefits manager, and in that capacity the company says it is working productively with US regulators to get at sixty eight billion. Dollar, acquisition of health insurer Aetna approved says the deal may be approved this quarter. Or early next Cincinnati bell was on? The way and what well Cincinnati bell lost more money than, analysts expected. Revenue rose fourteen percent it's. Still just missed estimates the company also says it completed its purchase of Hawaiian telecom and raised its revenue forecast for the year to. Better than expected levels so shares are. Up two percent pre-market And then lastly what about our friend the pres- he's going to. Have an announcement that brings our drug. Prices way down that's, what he's saying he says he will make an announcement next week they will bring Dan prescription drug prices really. Really, substantially that's a quote he didn't offer any further explanation though the comment came. Afterward that starting next year private insurance? That, give that provide coverage to about twenty million seniors through, Medicare Advantage. Yes so they would be. Allowed to bargain over drugs administered in doctors offices or hospitals right now those drugs are paid for at cost plus a percentage fee. For doctors after under Medicare Part b. Who knew yeah right well we didn't know that they weren't allowed to. Negotiate but looks like. Now maybe they won't be able to that's good. News so futures must be up futures congested, my screen. Here so we can pretend we'll say quickly futures are. Humming to yourselves and well first they were, down than they were up so I think they stayed up well they're down a. Little. Bit s&p futures down a point and a half NASDAQ down about twelve but they? Were up, before you're right well then a half, hour they'll be back down or whichever one they're not right Berg newsroom I'm. Patrice Sikora. NewsRadio, seven hundred wwl w. Looking at eight ten right now seven hundred w w McConnell in for me And converse loan on Friday Friday and. Monday of this week Meanwhile a couple of a chance to get around to, yesterday as with their friends at Antigua, antifa, and, the people they just hate a turning point USA Charlie Kirk. And his colleague Candice Owens and turning what USA conservative organization they try to get, the kids started in being politically active in a conservative way both high. School and college chapters all over the country and all this so Charlie kurkin Candice islands were eating breakfast at a hotel in Philadelphia This is the Monday morning And along comes antiga They represent the part of the Democratic Party who has a long tradition of deciding who can, eat and what restaurant and they decided they didn't want. Them eating breakfast there so they started making. All kinds of rack. They commanded other people they're just trying to enjoy their, breakfast and you know some just don't care. About people like that so they're screaming at, them in the restaurant instead of putting everybody in, the restaurant, through, this the duo Kirk and Owens decide they'll just, leave and go outside and they had somebody with them who ransom video as they went outside in the teeth of. People are going nuts but you listen to, what they were chanting and it just shows you how little thought actually goes into. Some of these protests it's like you go into autopilot and we're talking about somebody with a megaphone to, feet from your, ear screaming at you and I'll tell you if you watch the video on this Evatt were. May at some point I just snap and punch somebody just because you have to. Their driving, you nuts, it's like you know if you're at a daycare center and had ten screaming kids going at the same Time it's that kind of bedlam so let's hear which one do we. Have first we had the one where the doesn't rhyme now the whole idea here is somebody has like, a one two, three four what the hell we fighting for two four six eight something like was Watergate well. They forgot that you're supposed to rhyme the second part of the bleep it out. Because it's, something that, they don't like the bourgeoisie something should be done with the bourgeoisie let's hear it See whatever you say the second time is supposed to rhyme with six bourgeoisie goes with the three bourgeoisie. Does not go with six aired again. On here again One more time Okay Now.

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