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Said alastair black a couple of weeks ago john gargano tomato ciampa and rollins i think would i really right i mean yeah that's how i look at it some of the tone on nfc are not as experienced and it is a different element when you get to rar smackdown it's different it is so there is a learning curve when you get there there is a little bit of culture shock so to speak when when you get up there but i don't see it as main roster to see it as three of them brands i don't know man me go five because you gotta throw aj in there and then the rains would be and we tore it up and just get imagined now with the level he's at and where i was i felt like before i retired i think that would have obviously torn up but like i said before you know you got guys same thing that i was to black johnny gano i've russell seth rollins few times and tag matches but i'm sure we could tear it up in a singles

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