U.S. Justice Department to appeal approval of AT&T acquisition of Time Warner


To ninety three wibc wibc hd one indianapolis it's five o'clock fighting a merger i'm rich denison fox news the justice department moments ago announcing it's appealing a court ruling that paves the way for at and t's eighty five billion dollar purchase of time warner fox's hillary barsky joins us live department initiating the appeal by filing a two page notice in federal court in his not disclosing on what grounds it intends to challenge the approval the us district judge rejected the justice department's arguments that the deal would stifle competition in the pay tv industry at and t completed the merger a short time later but agreed to keep time warner's cable networks in a business division separate from at and t's communications assets for the time being rich hillary a chaotic congressional hearing republican california congressman darrell issa instructed embattled fbi agent peter struck to read for the committee examples of some of his anti trump text messages that isis said showed bias and analysts toward then candidate donald trump on july twenty first two thousand sixteen trump is a disaster i have no idea how destabilizing his presidency would be struck said the special counsel's investigation into alleged collusion between the trump campaign and russian officials from which he was removed is not politically motivated is not a witch hunt and is not a hoax is john decker before leaving the nato summit president trump saying the alliance is unified fox's simon is traveling with the president the president claiming victory in his campaign to get nato ally spending more on defense the additional money that they will be putting up has been really really amazing he described the nato alliance as very unified very strong no problem french president emmanuel macron saying nato members only agreed to make their existing commitment of two percent of gross domestic product by twenty twenty four fox news fair and balanced.

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