5 takeaways from FBI agent Peter Strzok's explosive congressional hearing


And a marathon congressional hearing former fbi counterintelligence agent insisted the antitrump text messages he sent you an fbi colleague never influences work heaters drought says his opinions work limited to a single person i criticized various countries and politicians including secretary clinton senator sanders then candidate trumps struck denied the opinions affected his work is not who i am and it is not something i would ever do south carolina's trey goudy he thinks promising to stop someone he is supposed to be fairly investigating from ever becoming president isn't bias republicans contend that structure texts colored the outcome of the hilary clinton email investigation and undercut the ongoing investigation into russian election interference chapel hill correspondent wally hindes nato leaders pledging to stand united against foes russia the aftermath of their tumultuous summit in brussels on wall street this morning dow futures down about five points nasdaq futures three points higher bar on these stories at townhall dot com if you wear denture are you sure you're breath is clean and fresh tripolitania specifically designed.

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