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Brooks with more traffic reports more often canucks ten seventy newsradio well slightly cooler day on sunday but for the rest of the week and it's going to be pretty warm pretty much what we've been seeing for the past day or so partly cloudy skies this morning look for highs mid seventy s to around eighty degrees of the beaches to around ninety degrees inland for friday night partly cloudy early on before the low clouds low clouds move in and we'll see lows in the mid sixties to around seventy saturday low clouds and some fog in the morning partly cloudy by the afternoon look for highs again mid seventies to around eighty degrees at the water mid eighties around ninety degrees inland but it gets a little cooler on sunday with highs in the upper eighties mid to upper eighties in the in the locations right now it's seventy one degrees in long beach seventy two degrees in sherman oaks and santa monica sixty eight degrees at two seven what are your police said that they have successfully tracked down and captured a man hiding in san diego county who's accused of nearly killing his wife in front of their children with a chainsaw investigators say they have good old fashioned police work to thank for the arrest of all a hundred alvarez one day after the brutal chainsaw attack detectives as part of their investigation developed information leading to his whereabouts officer john scoggins with whittier pd says the man crashed his car when he tried to run and eventually took off in a stolen suv it was still with him in chula vista he says the motive for the attack is unclear but the case is disturbing personally in my career has i had to deal with this type of the situations man's wife is still in the hospital she's in really bad shape but is expected to recover he's expected to face attempted murder grand theft auto child endangerment and hit and run charges cooper rummell knx ten seventy newsradio south philly woman who served eleven years in prison for fatally injuring her baby grandson is now free after getting an early release she had originally received a twenty five year to life sentence for inflicting socalled shaken baby syndrome killing the nine month old boy but people who went to work on her behalf say marie mendez did not mean to kill a large body of evidence to suggest that shaken baby syndrome it's really kind of a mark grant program director at the loyola law school project for the innocent tells knx group report with mendez's appellate lawyers to show the death was accidental motive that the prosecution ascribe to her was that she had been depressed insertive lashed out weaker challenge wasn't right he's a loving alita whose whole life was about being a mom and this was just nonsense mendez agreed to plead no contest to lesser charges to receive a sentence of time already served brian pain knx ten seventy newsradio the l a department of water and power has some explaining to do about its handling of outages during last week's heatwave were seeing a random and spotty outages la city councilman mitchell farrell says hundreds of his constituents were without power for days and many had a hard time getting accurate and timely information from the dwp about power might be restored key communications seemed to really be footed we understand there were many customers were very upset because they were out a long period of time and the one thing they want the most we unfortunately aren't able to give them which is exactly when their power is going to get turned on dwp spokesman joe ramallo says during the heat storm the department could only give broad restoration time ranges and there were so many outages at some of those estimated restoration times had to be pushed back o'farrell has asked for a report on what caused the outages and what's being done to prevent something like this from happening again ramallo says that he wbz's general manager will be meeting with a feral and other council members club fescue tie knx ten seventy newsradio safety improvements coming to a two and a half mile stretch of beverly boulevard in l a improvements are meant to make beverly boulevard between vermont and votary pedestrian friendly because right now officials say it's not records of accidents and also we we see like turning very high speed doing several observations does with some the kiss of walking along and a car just turned it on they don't really care public works victor ethical says over.

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