Jarvis Landry has lobbied Cleveland Browns to trade for Odell Beckham Jr.


That in the near future I've had a bit of dialogue, with Aaron and we're hopeful we get something done that for a Rams. Head coach. Sean McVeigh via Gary Klein of, the, LA times the deadline August seventh. Today Scott till two pm today to report to camp in. Order to make this season count towards free agency, but by all accounts these two, sides are very very far apart in contract. Talks just as they were last year in Foxborough the New England Patriots let go third year wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell a guy Who played a starring role in the team's twenty, eight three comeback, come back from down Twenty-eight three against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl fifty one but he's had knee. Problems for the past, year missed all the two, thousand seventeen season spent a lot of time this off season at the team's, facility trying to, rehab that knee the knee examined again. On July twenty third It hasn't been practicing and training camp so the patriots cut them loose which means no Malcolm Mitchell no Julian element for, the first four games of the season wide receiver. Room still, interesting, Chris HOGAN Phillip door set Cordeiro Patterson Eric decker Kenny bread. Couple of young guys but that room will not. Include Malcolm Mitchell who is trying to author. Quite the comeback after missing all of last year and a player who will always go down and. Patriots lower for what he did in that, Super Bowl, comeback against the Atlanta Falcons speaking of wide. Receivers Odell Beckham junior we talked about his contract standoff with the New York Giants one that I saw described, this morning. As friendly he's gonna play for the giants this, year it's unlikely that, Beckham's going, to be playing for anybody else in two thousand, eighteen or twenty nineteen but according to one of his closest friends he's quote definitely interested in playing for another NFL team that friend is Jarvis Landry new acquisition this off. Season The, Cleveland Browns Landry and Beckham played with each other at LSU. Landry told Cleveland dot com of things like that. Are able to happen in the team can. Make it happen then why not he definitely would be up for it he would be according to. Mary Kay cabinet of Cleveland dot com Landry, indicated the, Beckham one of his best friends in the. League has told him he'd wanna play for the Browns And on his part Landry says they've had quote talks Good too excited Beckham is still under contract. For the giants with the giants for this coming season he's in training camp besides the negotiating Odell Beckham junior's a very good bad. To be a New York giant, in two thousand nineteen but if you're a Browns fan I guess you can dream by the way more from Jarvis Landry on the quarterback situation with the Cleveland Browns Baker. Mayfield, and tyrod Taylor Jarvis, Landry with, our Diana.

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