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It's gonna be a beautiful day currently looking at cable one spot twenty nine ninety three a little bit of downside traders are going to be watching, of course this week and all of that. Evidence of, a strong economy, will, help boost the current CD. Pounds quite a bit of. Pressure puts the futures called clearly lower up to, fifty, one percent will still getting through the earnings season HSBC Glencore quite a few others are this week Second for. You as well in the first word headlines from around the world across back out the Debra Debra Piece of Saudi Arabia has frozen trade investment and diplomatic ties with Canada and the latest esscalation up their dispute over the kingdom's arrests of a women's. Rights activist, Riyadh recalled its ambassador to, Ottawa and order. The Canadian on void to leave within twenty four hours last week Canada criticized Saudi Arabia's arrested including Canadian citizen some. Are A leading mouthpiece for the Chinese leadership. Says preparations have already been made for quote a trade war level times also says the country doesn't fear sacrificing short term economic interests therefore comes after Beijing released a list of sixty billion dollars worth of US goods it intends to hit with tariffs that President. Trump again, defended tariffs saying playing hardball, on trade is. His thing Security forces in Venezuela have made a wave of arrests after. A military parade was attacked with, explosives carrying drones the blasts wounded some officers but left President. Nicolas Maduro unharmed six people have been taken into custody, including why man allegedly involved in an attack last year Military base. Global news twenty four hours a day on air and, at tech talk, on Twitter, powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries I'm Jabber now this is Bloomberg.

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