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Nike selects Colin Kaepernick for 'Just Do It' ad campaign


Chicago versus the White Sox those three pitches a lot. Victor martinez. Fly. Victor put a charge into one number nine breaks a one one tie in the ninth in the Tigers. Eight two to one Dan Dickerson there on ninety seven one the ticket. But then I pit. Field down maligned race at the fence. Davidson twentieth of the year. Shane green recorded out in the ninth inning. Homerun and the socks walk it off in game one. This is something you really is. Obscene at home plate. Final score. Tigers can't hold a two one lead in the ninth socks. Walk it off with a four two win. Michael Fulmer allowed only one hit before leaving in the sixth after getting hit by a sharp comebacker manager, Ron Gardenhire talk to Fox Sports Detroit. Yeah. I came back up and checked on him and got hit pretty good. But I was probably his last hitter. It's gonna take him out on ninety eight pitches. So then he gets hit in the so former walked four and struck out five in one of his best performances this season up next. It's game. Tonight of the three games set. Catch the first pitch at eight ten on ninety seven one the ticket. Colin Kaepernick has a new deal with Nike even without having a job in the NFL. The former quarterback suing the league for allegedly colluding to keep him from playing Ellen Adamson is the co founder of the consulting for metaphor, specializing in branding is a strategic decision on Nike's part to define what the brand is about. And that their brand stands for celebrating athletes in thirty years of just do it and incorporating him was obviously not an accident. Kabir next deal was renegotiated into a multi year contract. That'll make him one of the faces of Nikes thirtieth anniversary just do it campaign. We check sports at fifteen and forty five past each hour. Traffic and weather together is next. I'm good. But I have a story, and I don't know where to start. I'm going. But I feel alone in a crowd when the servicemember veteran in your life says.

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