Michael Cohen secretly taped Trump



Missouri seventeen people died when the boat flipped over in a storm one of two survivors hospitalized in good condition. Is Coleman who lost nine members of her family, in the accident if I was able to get a life jacket I could've saved. My babies 'cause they could at least floated up to the top there's somebody Graham speaking from, her hospital bed to reporters in, just the past hours the Kathy you, say, something, about, life jackets he'd said above. You are, your life jackets There's three sizes On the show you where the, where they are but you. Won't need them so no need to worry coastguard federal safety investigators plan to pull the boat out of the, water next week President, Trump on Twitter complaining about that recording made by, his ex lawyer Michael Cohen being leaked a source with. Knowledge of Cohen's legal teams thinking tells ABC news that a lawyer taping a client is not illegal. In New York it's the functional equivalent. Of, retaining notes second the tape as well as a lawyer's notes are. Privileged and non-public in, this specific instance it was Mr. Trump who waved the privilege after. A court ruled the, tape was, privileged powerful storms moving east across the US with tornadoes leaving destruction, in Marshall, town Iowa people injured and, buildings, down fire chief Dave Richardson, lease be aware please be careful there still art some, down power lines and maybe they're hit their. Hidden by debris so just be aware of where you're operating and. Where you're walking an Uber spokesperson, tells ABC news the troubling behavior in the videos is not in line with. Our community guidelines The drivers access to the app has been, removed while we evaluate his partnership that's about. A Saint Louis post dispatch story of a driver who had been. Live streaming is customers most without. Their knowledge him saying it's because of safety and that he loves doing it You're listening to ABC news And data rates may apply please drive ever wonder why European seemed. To speak so many languages maybe it's because they use babble the number one selling, language learning app in Europe battles award winning technology, gets you speaking right, away, whether you're, learning Spanish French or German and best of all. You'll remember what you've learned I always thought, I was bad at, languages but after using babble I can tell you I was just taught the wrong way using Babbel's. Ten to fifteen minute lessons you can be speaking confidently in. Your new language within weeks It was amazed that I could start having real..

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